5 Best Shock Collars For Dogs, According To Trainers

Training your dog is a tall order that takes patience, discipline, and a few helpful tools. Using a training shock collar is a great way to stop unwanted, negative behaviors such as barking, pulling on the leash, or jumping on guests. If this sounds familiar, then consider a shock collar to help your dog live a full, happy life by your side. True, the best shock collars for dogs might not be the most popular form of training, but they can be effective, and when used correctly, shock collars are harmless to your precious fur babies.

So, which shock collars are considered to be worth the money? StudyFinds did some digging, consulting 10 pet and home review sites in an effort to bring you a consensus list of the best shock collars for dogs. Our list comprises the five most frequently listed collars from across these sites. Do you think the experts missed a noteworthy shock collar? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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A girl petting her dog with a tracker on its collar
A girl petting her dog wearing a shock collar (Photo by Timur Kudashev on Shutterstock)

The List: Best Shock Collars for Dogs, According to Reviews

1. SportDog Field Trainer 425X

sportdog field trainer 425x
SportDog Field Trainer 425x

The top product on the list of the best shock collars for your dog is the SportDog Field Trainer 425X. Training a stubborn dog isn’t easy, but the many stimulation modes on the SportDog Field Trainer make it quick to achieve the desired behavior, explains Popular Science. Whether you’re trying to stop excessive barking or aggressive on-leash behaviors, this SportDog Field Trainer model is sure to help do the job.

Canine Journal agrees that the SportDog 425X is the top shock collar for your dog. Although this shock collar is a little more expensive than other models, it is a highly durable and effective tool for teaching your dog. This collar is built with DryTek technology, making it waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet. The 21 levels of momentary and static stimulation also mean you can program this collar to perfectly suit your training needs.

This shock collar is perfect for outdoor and sporting dogs who need to be trained quickly and efficiently, furthers PureWow. Not only is this SportDog’s most popular model, but it’s also the company’s lightest and smallest shock collar. Modes include sound, vibration, and static or continuous shock. This collar is effective for 50 to 70 hours on one full battery charge.

2. PetSpy P620

PetSpy P620
PetSpy P620

The PetSpy P620 is an affordable yet durable and effective shock collar that works well for big dogs, notes Bone Voyage Dog Rescue. The collar has three modes – sound, vibration, and static correction (continuous). From there, this collar features 16 additional modes that allow you to tailor the training experience to your dog’s needs and it’s effective up to 650 yards, perfect for training large, outdoor dogs.

The PetSpy P620 is equipped with a range of features that make it a useful training tool for your dog, explains Bark Beyond. Both the collar and the remote on this product are waterproof and rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about ruining this collar with an active outdoor dog. One of the great benefits of this collar is that it comes with a free eBook on using an e-collar and the best ways to train your dog using shock and vibration tools. And, the collar’s highly effective beeping sound function means you can train your dog to not need the stimulating or static correction modes.

Pet Mag agrees that this collar is one of the most effective shock collars for big, active dogs. The maximum weight range on this collar is 140 pounds which is more than most large dogs weigh. You should have no problem putting this collar on your large dog and feeling good about the fit. This PetSpy is also a stylish option for your dog and comes with an extremely user-friendly remote designed to be used by touch, meaning you won’t have to look at the remote to control the collar.

3. Bousnic Dog Shock Collar

Bousnic Dog Shock Collar
Bousnic Dog Shock Collar

Third on the list of the top shock collars for dogs is the Bousnic Dog Shock Collar. Using a shock collar doesn’t have to be a negative or overwhelming experience for you or your dog, and the Bousnic Dog Shock Collar makes it simple to train your dog. As the Jerusalem Post explains, this shock collar is waterproof, rechargeable, and available in different colors. You can find this collar in a stylish pink color that makes an adorable accessory for your female pups.

One of the best parts of the Bousnic Dog Shock Collar is that one remote can control two collars, making it perfect for those of you training two dogs simultaneously, notes PureWow. These collars are great for young pups because the prongs are covered with silicone to prevent any skin irritation. The Bousnic collar is also adjustable and will fit necks from six to 27 inches in diameter.

As Pet Mag furthers, the Bousnic strikes a great balance between being humane and practical training of your dogs. The silicone pads are a great buffer between the collar and your precious baby’s skin while the 16 settings help you find the proverbial sweet spot for keeping your dog’s attention on your commands. With a range of 1,000 feet, the Bousnic is perfect for training your dogs in a large to medium-sized yard.

4. Educator E-Collar

Educator E-Collar
Educator E-Collar

E-Collar Technologies is one of the leading producers of dog training collars and remote training collars, so it’s no surprise that the Educator E-Collar is one of the top products on the market, explains Hellow Dog. Their collars are designed to help you tame even the most stubborn dogs.

The Educator E-Collar isn’t so much a shock collar as it is a sensation collar designed to help train your dog. These collars offer a tap sensation that’s similar to vibration and designed to get your dog’s attention and keep it, explains Animal Intro. With a range of up to half a mile, this collar is a great tool for outdoor training sessions with your pooches.

This training collar for your dog is simply loaded with helpful features that make training your dog easy and fun. The collar is even designed with a tracking light to make locating your dog easier when it’s dark outside, adds Canine Journal. These collars are waterproof, come with rechargeable batteries, and work on dogs as small as five pounds.

5. PetSafe Remote Dog Training Collar

PetSafe Remote Dog Training Collar
PetSafe Remote Dog Training Collar on Amazon

Rounding out the list of the best shock collars for training your dogs is the PetSafe Remote Dog Training Collar. This shock collar comes complete with a digital remote, training collar, and a training manual to help you start the training process the right way, highlights Popular Science. With the right collar, you can once again enjoy long walks around the neighborhood with your dog and that’s exactly what this collar gives you – peace of mind. The PetSafe collar comes with two quick-charging lithium-ion batteries and works great for medium to large dogs.

If you need a collar for a small dog, then check out the PetSafe Lite version with less intense stimulation for small or more timid dogs, explains Canine Journal. PetSafe manufactures a range of pet products and this collar is a perfect example of the company’s commitment to quality. You’ll get 40 hours on each charge and the batteries only take two hours to recharge, giving you plenty of time to work with your pup in the collar.

PetSafe also makes leashes and other training equipment designed to help your pooches live their best life. As PureWow notes, PetSafe also makes this collar for big dogs with thick coats. These waterproof collars are perfect for large breeds who like to roam. With a 100-yard range and loads of helpful features, the PetSafe Remote Dog Training Collar is sure to meet your training needs.


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