Best Añejo Tequila: Top 7 Bottles Most Recommended By Experts

When it comes to tequila, añejo is often regarded as the crème de la crème. Añejo tequila is a type of tequila that’s been aged in oak barrels for at least one year. This aging process gives añejo tequila a smoother taste and a richer flavor profile than silver or blanco tequila. They typically have a golden or amber color and can taste like vanilla, caramel, or oak, depending on the type of barrel used for aging. The best añejo tequilas are considered premium tequilas and are often enjoyed neat or sipped slowly. They can also be used in cocktails, but their subtler flavors may be masked by strong mixers.

So, raise a glass and enjoy the fruits of patience, tradition, and the magic of agave! Luckily, we’ve made your introduction to the world of añejo easy, compiling a list of only the best-of-the-best options. As always, we at StudyFinds have researched across nine expert sources to bring you today’s ranking of the top seven best añejo tequilas you can buy today! Don’t agree with our list? No worries. We would love to hear from you in the comments down below!

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The List: Best Añejo Tequilas Experts Love

1. Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva

Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva is a premium tequila that embodies the essence of craftsmanship and tradition. With its rich and complex flavors, this tequila has quickly gained recognition as one of the finest aged spirits in the world.

Produced in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva is the result of a meticulous process that combines the expertise of master distillers and the use of only the highest quality ingredients. Reviews for Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva highlight its quality but also its price. Men’s Journal acknowledges the splurge factor but suggests it’s justified for a treat.

Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva is also a tequila that captivates the senses with its rich and complex flavor profile. Gear Moose describes the tequila’s aging process in various oak casks and the resulting complex flavor profile with notes of dried fruit, vanilla, and spices. Uproxx emphasizes how Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva is a full-bodied and flavorful añejo, perfect for sipping due to its smooth complexity with hints of cacao and butterscotch.

2. Olmeca Altos Añejo

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Olmeca Altos Añejo is a premium spirit that embodies the rich heritage and craftsmanship of traditional Mexican tequila-making. Produced in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, Olmeca Altos Añejo Tequila is a testament to the region’s dedication to quality and tradition. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a delicious cocktail, this tequila offers a truly exceptional drinking experience. Gear Moose highlights the small-batch, premium quality along with the use of ex-bourbon barrels for aging. They recommend it for sipping and special occasions.

With its smooth and complex tasting notes, this aged añejo has gained a reputation as one of the finest in the world. Delish describes this tequila as having a creamy texture, peppery notes, and a lingering herbal finish. Finally, Liquor quotes a bar director who appreciates this tequila as his go-to añejo because it embodies the desired characteristics of an añejo at a reasonable price, allowing the agave flavor to shine through while incorporating barrel influences.

3. Don Julio 1942

Don Julio 1942
Don Julio 1942 (

Don Julio 1942 is a tequila that has gained legendary status among spirits enthusiasts. Liquor describes it as a special tequila, aged for two years and bottled in a unique bottle resembling an agave leaf. The flavor profile is praised for its richness and roundness, dominated by notes of vanilla, almonds, chocolate, and cinnamon.

With its rich history and exceptional quality, Don Julio 1942 has become a sought-after spirit that embodies the essence of luxury and elegance. With such an exotic bottle, one may be asking themselves if the product matches its elegant design, Uproxx acknowledges the higher price point but believes the smooth taste and complex flavors make it the best, recommending it with ice and orange. Additionally, Tequila Raiders validates its quality by mentioning its gold medal win at a prestigious competition, solidifying Don Julio’s reputation for excellence.

4. Tapatio Añejo

Tapatio Añejo is a tequila that embodies the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Mexico’s most beloved spirit. With its smooth and complex flavor profile, this aged tequila offers a truly exceptional drinking experience. Men’s Journal acknowledges it might not have the most attractive bottle but emphasizes it’s very well-made.

Crafted with precision and care, this exceptional spirit undergoes a meticulous process that results in a truly unique and exquisite taste. Uproxx goes into detail about the production process, mentioning the involvement of a fourth-generation distiller, Carlos Camarena, who uses only the ripest agave plants and traditional equipment.

From the moment Tapatio Añejo hits your palate, you are transported to the sun-soaked agave fields, where the blue Weber agave used to create this tequila is carefully cultivated and harvested. Decanter describes the taste as spicy with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg, along with intriguing fruity and herbal notes. The finish is said to bring in additional spice and even some smokiness.

5. Fortaleza Añejo

Fortaleza Añejo is a highly acclaimed tequila that is known for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. With a rich history dating back to the 19th century, this Mexican spirit has become a favorite among tequila enthusiasts and connoisseurs worldwide. Tequila Raiders describes it as a bold expression with prominent baked agave and oak notes, complemented by subtle hints of vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon. The aroma is said to be reminiscent of dried fruit and butterscotch.

Produced in the town of Tequila, located in the Jalisco region, Fortaleza Añejo is a testament to the time-honored techniques that have been passed down through generations of the Camarena family. Men’s Journal highlights Fortaleza’s traditional production techniques, including brick ovens, tahona crushing, and open-air fermentation. They emphasize the distillery’s prestigious ranking as number one out of 118 distilleries in Mexico.

From its carefully selected agave plants to its meticulous aging process, every step of the production is carried out with precision and dedication, resulting in a tequila that is truly extraordinary. Uproxx credits the 18-month aging in American oak barrels for the tequila’s beautiful color and complex flavor profile.

6. Casamigos Añejo

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Casamigos Añejo, a premium tequila brand, has been making waves in the spirits industry with its exceptional quality and distinct flavor profile. With its smoothness, complexity, and unique aging process, this tequila has become a go-to choice for those seeking a truly remarkable drinking experience. Despite its celebrity founders, George Clooney and Randy Gerber, Casamigos Añejo Tequila earns praise for its quality on its own merit, according to Decanter.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the process of making Casamigos Añejo involves a harmonious blend of traditional techniques and modern innovation. This exquisite spirit offers a taste experience like no other. Made entirely from blue Weber agave, this tequila undergoes at least 14 months of aging in American white oak barrels.

From the moment the liquid touches your lips, a symphony of flavors unfolds, tantalizing your taste buds and leaving a lasting impression. Gear Moose describes the resulting spirit as well-balanced, featuring notes of roasted agave, vanilla, and oak, along with hints of toffee and peppery spice. Delish quotes a beverage director who appreciates Casamigos Añejo’s bold, traditional tequila flavors with amplified intensity. He highlights the presence of caramel, spice, and oak alongside a smooth and full body, making it ideal for cocktails where the tequila should be the star of the show.

7. Espolòn Añejo

Espolòn Añejo
Espolòn Añejo (

Espolòn Añejo is a tequila that has gained a reputation for its exceptional quality and smooth taste. With its rich history and traditional production methods, it has become a favorite among tequila enthusiasts worldwide.

Espolón Añejo stands out for its unique bottle design and its smooth, flavorful tequila. My Bartender describes the label’s eye-catching skeletons and assures that the taste lives up to the hype, offering a silky texture with hints of dried fruit, chocolate, and caramel.

Created with precision and passion, the process of making Espolòn Añejo is a true testament to the artistry and dedication that goes into producing a truly exceptional spirit. Delish goes into detail about the aging process, which involves American oak barrels and a Wild Turkey bourbon barrel finish, contributing to the tequila’s subtle smoothness and complex flavor profile.

Every step of concocting this tequila is carefully executed to ensure that Espolòn Añejo delivers a rich, complex, and unforgettable taste experience. The Spruce Eats highlights Espolón Añejo’s popularity among beverage professionals, praising both its quality and affordability, with a blend made entirely of blue Weber agave

More about añejo tequila:

  • A symphony of agave: Añejo tequila boasts a complex flavor profile, aged for years in oak barrels, resulting in rich hints of caramel, vanilla, and spice alongside the distinctive agave character. It’s a journey for your taste buds!
  • Smooth operator: Unlike blanco tequila’s youthful vibrancy, añejo’s time in oak barrels mellows its edges, crafting a silky smooth experience. No biting astringency here, just pure sipping pleasure.
  • A taste of tradition: Añejo tequila embodies the artistry of tequila making. Generations of expertise go into selecting agave, roasting, distilling, and aging, culminating in a spirit steeped in Mexican heritage.
  • Special occasion sipper: Save añejo tequila for moments that deserve to be savored. Its nuanced flavors and refined character elevate an evening, making it the perfect companion for celebrating life’s milestones.
  • Beyond the margarita: While blanco tequila shines in cocktails, añejo’s complexity begs to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Savor its essence, appreciate its craftsmanship, and let it speak for itself.
  • A touch of luxury: Añejo tequila’s aged richness and limited production lend an air of luxury to any gathering. Treat yourself or impress your guests with this sophisticated spirit.
  • Versatility beyond borders: While traditionally enjoyed neat, añejo can also be the base for craft cocktails that showcase its depth and character. Explore unexpected pairings and unlock its versatility.
  • Agave appreciation: Sipping añejo tequila is an ode to the mighty agave plant. It’s a chance to appreciate the meticulous process and dedication of farmers and distillers who bring this spirit to life.
  • A taste of terroir: Each region in Mexico imparts its unique character to tequila. Explore a range of añejos and discover the subtle nuances that reflect the land, climate, and agave varieties used.
  • A gateway to agave spirits: If you’re new to the world of agave spirits, añejo tequila’s smoothness and complexity make it a welcoming entry point. From there, you can delve deeper into the diverse spectrum of mezcals and other expressions.


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