7 Most Easygoing Dog Breeds, Ranked

Easygoing dogs seem like they are always ready to go with the flow. Time for a walk? Cool. A picnic at the beach? Alright. A full day of binging Netflix? Bring it on! Scenarios aside, easygoing dogs don’t complain much. They always seem happy to be with their family and get along well with just about everyone. Our list of the seven most easygoing dogs is a collection of breeds with sunny dispositions and friendly manners.

Easygoing, friendly dogs often make themselves known as soon as they enter a room thanks to their magnetic charm. We looked through eight trusted sources to compile this list of the seven most easygoing dog breeds that are said to be laidback pets. Let us know your favorite easygoing dog breeds in the comments below!

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The List: Most Easygoing Dog Breeds, Per Canine Experts

1. Bichon Frise

medium-coated white dog on brown brick ground
Bichon Frise (Photo by Elisei Abiculesei on Unsplash)

Bichons are good little dogs that have earned a reputation for being friendly and relaxed. All they need to be happy is some exercise and a loving companion. Imagine a little white cloud with four legs – that’s the Bichon Frise (Wag!) These fluffy pups are known for their calm demeanor, attentiveness, and happy smiles. They’re relatively low-energy and easy to train, making them ideal companions for families, especially those with older children.

Cesar Millan describes the Bichon Frise in similar terms. He highlights their intelligence and cuddliness, noting their success in obedience training and their generally gentle and happy nature. Like Wag!, Cesar’s Way suggests these dogs might be better suited to homes with older children, but ultimately sees them as wonderful companions for families.

Be Chewy paints a similar picture. They describe the Bichon Frise as a “small white powder-puff on legs” that scores high on the cuteness scale.

2. Saint Bernard

a large brown and white dog laying on a tile floor
Saint Bernard (Photo by Siddharth Shah on Unsplash)

Saint Bernard dogs are gentle, slobbering love muffins in an extra-large body. When Saint Bernards get exceptional care, they can easily become exceptional pets. Saint Bernards are gentle giants according to family blogger Rachel Bustin. She highlights their easygoing temperament, good nature, and patience, making them ideal companions for families with children. Their loyalty and devotion are other endearing qualities she notes.

Reader’s Digest acknowledges the breed’s history of heroic rescues, suggesting a calm and collected personality. They emphasize the Saint Bernard’s well-known patience, peacefulness, and gentle nature. Like Bustin, they point out the Saint Bernard’s love for spending time with its humans, especially when given a task.

While agreeing with the gentle and patient nature, Bark Story mentions the Saint Bernard’s lower playfulness, which might not mesh well with younger children. Despite some stubbornness, they emphasize the breed’s love for family. However, be ready for potential drooling and the need for regular brushing.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

brown and white long coated small dog lying on white textile
Cavalier King Charles spaniel (Photo by Geoff Oliver on Unsplash)

Despite the regal moniker, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are affable and loving dogs. When properly socialized, they are happy doing anything that involves their family. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is also well-suited to apartment living according to Dog Breeds List. While they don’t require extensive exercise, two daily walks are recommended to keep them happy and healthy. This breed adapts well to families and is known for keeping older adults company.

Wag! highlights the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s intelligence and trainability. These small dogs with their signature fluffy ears and soft coats excel at obedience and enjoy playtime, but can also happily relax.

Be Chewy emphasizes the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s gentle and affectionate nature, making them great companions for families with children. Their small size, around 12 inches tall, makes them ideal indoor pets. While trainable, they are not suited for roughhousing due to their gentle build.

4. Basset Hound

Basset Hound lying in the grass
Basset Hound (Photo by Will Thomas on Unsplash)

These stubborn hound dogs can be surprisingly accommodating when they are well socialized and properly trained. Basset Hounds are also reputed to be very easygoing as long as the day’s itinerary is mostly naptime. Basset Hounds are laid-back charmers, according to Chef Wonders. Their signature droopy eyes and long ears are only part of their appeal. These mellow pups are content to relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures, making them great companions for families or individuals seeking a calm canine friend.

Dog Breeds List highlights the Basset Hound’s low-energy nature. Their short legs mean they can be worn out with shorter walks, and their history as scent hounds means they’d rather explore by sniffing than racking up miles.

While praising their good nature and easygoing temperament, Bark Story acknowledges that Basset Hounds might not be the best playmates for high-energy children due to potential back problems. The good news is they require minimal grooming and minimal drooling.

5. Collie

white brown and black rough collie
White brown and black rough collie photo by Kanashi on Unsplash

Those who remember the famous television dog Lassie may have a romantic image of this dog in their mind. For generations of Americans, the Collie was the most iconic canine. Collies are intelligent and energetic companions, according to Cesar Millan. Nicknamed the “Lassie dog,” they are quick learners but thrive in calmer environments. Loyal and well-behaved around children, Collies make great additions to families.

Wag! emphasizes the Collie’s seemingly endless stamina, a trait honed from their herding roots. While still used for herding today, Collies are also fantastic family pets. These patient pups are eager to please and protective, keeping a watchful eye on young children.

Be Chewy describes Collies as smart, sensitive dogs who need calm environments but readily respond to training. Affectionate, loyal, and protective, these dogs are known for their love of children.

6. Pug

Pug sleeping with its toy
Pug sleeping with its toy (Photo by Rebecca Campbell on Unsplash)

Pugs are delightfully chunky boys that want nothing more than to lounge with their humans. If that means road trips, flights, or even train rides then so be it! Pugs are champions of relaxation, according to Rachel Bustin. While not athletic powerhouses, they excel at cuddling and lounging around. Their compact size makes them perfect companions for apartment dwellers or those with limited space.

Reader’s Digest paints a picture of a cuddle monster. They describe the pug’s irresistible flat face and easygoing personality, suggesting the entire family will vie for snuggle time. Luckily, pugs are happy to share the love as long as attention is plentiful.

The pug’s calm demeanor makes them ideal for city living due to their low exercise needs and low maintenance requirements. These playful goofballs are also great with children. However, they do require some additional care, particularly regular cleaning of the skin folds on their face. (Bark Story).

7. Golden Retriever

Children reading books to dog
Girls reading to their Golden (© LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – stock.adobe.com)

Golden Retrievers have a well-deserved reputation for being very good dogs. These hypersocial dogs are happiest when they have their people with them. Golden Retrievers consistently rank among the most popular dog breeds for a reason, according to Reader’s Digest. Their easy-going personality, affectionate nature, and gentle playfulness with children make them ideal family companions.

Wag! reinforces the Golden Retriever’s status as a top dog breed, highlighting their down-to-earth temperament despite their fame. These loyal and intelligent dogs love to be around their humans, are easy to train, and are happy to relax by your side.

Cesar Millan echoes these sentiments, calling Golden Retrievers family favorites for their sweet and easygoing nature. Their eagerness to please translates well to training, and their love for children makes them a perfect fit for many families. It’s clear why Golden Retrievers consistently win hearts wherever they go.


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