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25 Days, 25 Songs (Day 6) A Song That Reminds You of a Best Friend


For years I hid myself under the wings of people who chose what was best for me.  I sheltered myself there where, looking out from underneath, the wold looked scary.  I eventually atrophied and became weak.


One day, I got a job at a mall, and was quickly promoted.  As I became more proficient at my job, I learned a lot about myself.  I found out I was wise, sometimes witty, and even strong.  I learned that when I was happy, I had a great smile.



Equal Opportunity Employment
Equal Opportunity Employment (Photo credit: pasukaru76)

I also realized the world wasn’t so scary.  Not the people with purple hair, nor piercings, nor tattoos, nor any of the people I had been taught were frightening.  In fact, I found out I kind of liked the world.


But more than that, I found out that the world kind of liked me too!


My new friends came in all different colors and cultures and ages.  Some of them were smart, some made me laugh, and some had interesting talents.


I have moved on from that job, but I still hold many of those friendships.  Some have grown, and some have waned.  All were important to me in so many ways.


This is a song that found me at that time.  It reminds me that my best friend is the one with whom I can be myself, and likes me anyway.


Peace . . .

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