Me, Myself and Jean

Me:  I am a mother of four adult children.  I live with the man I love, my best friend.  Our two dogs and grand-rabbit reside with us.  I was married once.  I used to have parents until they died, one in 1993, one in 2007.  I have some half-siblings, some more distant than others.

Myself:  I am just an ordinary girl striving for the balance between passion and peace.  Passion stirs.  It hijacks our thoughts.  Peace calms.  It brings our mind and body to the present.

Jean:  I started this blog as a vice to regain some passion in my middle-age existence.  In the sixth grade, Mrs. Hise told me someday she expected to see something of mine published.  Little could she have envisioned the internet in 1970!  Nowadays any fifth grader can click the “publish” button and make it so.  I’d like to think she would be happy nonetheless, to see that she was right.

A long-forgotten interest in photography has been sparked in me as well.  Truly an amateur, I lament over the composition, subject, and editing to the extent of any seasoned professional.  What I have learned of hobbies is that you don’t have to be good at them to enjoy them.

If it is possible you gain some personal insight or find a tidbit to take with you, I am delighted!  Please let me know!

Thank you for visiting!



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