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What’s Locking You Up?

While on the phone with customers, I often have to ask them to please wait because the computer is locking up, or stalling.  There are too many people trying to access the same information, and the system puts us in a queue.  Waiting our turn, the system takes our requests, and one by one we are freed to continue our work.

For those of you who have noticed (bless your little hearts), I’ve not posted since April 26th.  While doing a little waiting-for-spring cleaning on my computer, I ran into the awards for which I have been nominated.  I was eventually going to get around to the handful I thought were in there.  Imagine my dismay when I found seven nominations that had never been posted, acknowledge or passed along.  Like our computer system at work, I am overwhelmed at the requests I have placed upon myself all at one time.

. . . I am locked up . . .

A computer has no other options than to finish the tasks until it is caught up.  We humans are endowed with options.  As I see it, these are mine:

  1. Procrastinate some more
  2. Press the delete button and move on
  3. Complete the task in its entirety, no matter how long it takes, before doing anything else
  4. Complete the task a little at a time, while keeping up on new tasks
  5. Bend the rules.  Get ‘er done.  Embrace imperfection.


Number 5 it is!


December 2, 2012 and January 2, 2013
December 2, 2012 and January 2, 2013

Beautiful Blogger Award

December 2, 2012 & January 2, 2013

myspokenheart:  Her title says it all.  She really does speak from the heart, and there is so much goodness in there to be said.  Check out her site if you would like to see a truly Beautiful Blogger.  Thank you for the nomination!

diy2emc:  Here is a fun little place to stop.  I always find something I want to take away with me.  Drinks, food, beauty tips, and all with the frugal in mind.  “Being on a budget forces you to be creative . . ”  E, as her friends call her, is one of my newer blog finds, and a keeper!  Thanks for the nomination, and let me know if your vagina ever says anything important . . 😉

5 quick facts about me:

  • It’s almost 2 p.m. and I am still sitting here in my p.j.s
  • My favorite souvenir ever is a rock with LOSER painted on it
  • My grandparents immigrated from Canada in the 1940s
  • Peanut butter is one of my favorite foods
  • Beer over champagne.  I’m just sayin’


December 31, 2012
December 31, 2012

One Lovely Blog

December 31, 2012

Fictional Machines:  This is one busy guy.  He writes.  He does photography.  He does film.  He started blogging after a man in a dream told him to ” start giving it away.”  He is highly infected with creativity.  I love him for what he calls his “short satirical pieces.”  What a sweet way to close out the year!  Thank you, Lattimer!

This one requires 7 secrets.  Secrets?  If I told you, they wouldn’t be secrets anymore.  Take the 5 above and add these two.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m bending the rules.

  • I love the wooden hangers from IKEA
  • Vanilla ice cream is the best.  You can make it any flavor you want by adding toppings.  Want cherry nut?  Add cherries and pecans.  Want maple nut?  Add walnuts and maple syrup.  Want rocky road?  You know the drill!


March 1, 2013
March 1, 2013

Shine On!

February 28, 2013

myspokenheart:  Go ahead.  Click myspokenheart again.  Different award, see?  This time she nominated me for the Shine On Award.  I don’t think this is a cleaning reference, so I won’t take out the Windex.  Instead I will forge ahead and thank her dearly for her vote of confidence!  Thanks again, Lady!

Answers to her 5 random questions are required:

  1. Milk or Dark Chcolate and why?  Milk chocolate for the taste.  Dark for the satiety.  I could eat a whole bag of milk chocolate, so I try not to buy it.  But I always keep a little dark chocolate around for a bite or two.
  2. What is your favourite memory?  First of all, I love that spelling of favorite.  There are two.  And they are linked, like the circle of life.  The memory of sitting in the hot summer grass, and the memory of watching my kids running through the park.
  3. What is the greatest song (or band) in your opinion? (and please back yourself up)  Great implies someone like The Beatles.  The greatest band in my life was Disturbed.  They have a song called Down With The Sickness.  It changed the way I saw and felt metal music.  I related to the song in my life at the time.
  4. If there were no limits and you could go anywhere you wanted to, right now, where would you go?  Italy.  I want to submerse all my senses in that country.
  5. Cheetah, eagle, or dolphin? 


March 10, 2013
March 10, 2013

Best Moment Award

March 10, 2013

Moment Matters: This blog is about the little things that matter to you.  It is a community blog, for the people and by the people, kind of like what this country is based on.  Streamlining the acceptance process, I will skip to the required acceptance speach . .

I . . . I don’t know what to say.  This is so . . . so . . . unexpected.  I’d like to thank all the little people who I stepped on to get this far.  I’d like to thank my children for forgiving me forgetting to pick them up from practice.  I’d like to thank Bubba for ignoring him on cold winter nights.  There are so many sacrifices you have all had to pay for my success.  And I’d like to tell you now they are all worth it.  Also, I cannot close without thanking Moment Matters for nominating me for this award.  Seriously . . I appreciate it.  And will continue to write about the moments that matter to me in the hopes that it may matter to someone else.


March 24, 2013
March 24, 2013

Liebster Award

March 24, 2013

Cackles.From.A.Mad.Duck  Sarah, or The Laughing Duck as she prefers to be called, blogs book reviews and other excessive thoughts.  I never know what I will find there, but it is bound to have a lighthearted feel with a couple chuckles mixed in.  Thank you for my Liebster!  I am in great company, as I look down the list of other bloggers you nominated.

Now, she only asks that I answer one question:

If someone were to travel into space and takes a regular clock ticking on earth’s time, since I don’t think it necessarily slows down visually, how would it regulate for the space traveler given that 1 year in space is equivalent to 10 years on earth (supposedly)…
As for the person themselves, if they happen to fall asleep for a few hours, wouldn’t that equate to them sleeping for several days since their bodies still run on earth time?..No bladder issues anyone?

I DO have bladder issues, thanks for asking.  I can’t sit on a plane from Minneapolis to Chicago without visiting the little traveler’s room at least twice.  Just give me a catheter for space travel, and since I probably don’t have anywhere else to be, I’m chucking the clock out the airlock.  Does that answer your friggin’ question?


April 27, 2013
April 27, 2013

WordPress Family Award

April 27, 2013

Once Upon the Wings of a Dragonfly To be honest, I visited her blog because of the dragonfly.  To be clear, I followed her because she is very genuine.  I feel like I am reading a note scribbled out and passed under the desk.  She writes about the WordPress Family Award, “Never underestimate the power of connection, big or small it makes an impact.”  Indeed, Ms. Dragonfly . . . indeed.  Thank you for this connection.


In closing,

It is not my intention to diminish the gifts that have been given to me.  I only know that today I need to move on and try to do better in the future.  Isn’t that all any of us hope to do?


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10 Easy Steps To End Award Procrastination

One of my prestigious awards

Once again, I have been the lucky recipient of some quite prestigious awards.

Did I say luck?  Luck has nothing to do with it.  You are looking at bona fide skill, here.  I like to equate the blogging awards to Pokemon cards.  I never did understand what the kids did with Pokemon Cards.  I do, however, appreciate these blogging awards and display them prominently HERE.

I have been procrastinating accepting my awards.  It’s a little like homework, and I procrastinated at that too.  Just ask my teachers.  Wait.  They are probably all old and senile, or worse . . .

Anyway, today is the day.  I have three awards to dig myself out from under.  It occurred to me that it might be helpful to document my story for others who find they are in the same predicament.  You, too, can end Award Procrastination

  1. Catch up on all new posts in your Reader.  You need to be current on all new content from anyone you follow.  Imagine the embarrassment of posting a link to Willy Week without realizing it ended on Friday, November 30th!
  2. Check out your notifications and reply to all of them.  This ensures a full house cleaning, making sure there are no awards lurking in the corners or on the top shelf of that entry closet.
  3. Make a pot of coffee.  User creamer if you need to, otherwise drink it like you blog it — hot and bitter.
  4. Step away from the computer.  Slip on your favorite hoodie and run a brush through your hair.  You’re going to need donuts . . . or a vice of some equivalence.  Vodka, if necessary.  I’m not here to judge.  Basically the idea is raise your blood sugar.
  5. Find a format for handling awards that works for you.  Irishkatie had a procrastination problem worse than mine.  Let this be a lesson to all of you.  There is always someone who puts things off more than you.  You do NOT want to be that person.  But here’s the deal.  She addressed it and handled it.  I’m proud of her.  I love the format Adam S. at My Right To Bitch  uses to display his Pokemon . . . er awards.  I’m going for that look.  It’s going to take the better part of this day and maybe more donuts.
  6. Find a few blogs you would like to promote . . . per award.  This could take some time.  I like to try to find writers who don’t receive many of them.  It’s kind of like receiving that first Pokemon card.  At first glance you are like, “What the . . .?”  And then you see how cute it is, and how happy it makes the person who gave it to you, and the next thing you know you’re making a separate page just for your awards.
  7. Click on “New Post.”  Find a snappy title announcing your good fortune.  Write about it.  Include appealing visuals, relevant links, possibly a soul-wrenching music video, or pictures of your pets.
  8. Give credit to the blogger who gave it to you.  Didn’t your mother ever teach you to say thank you?  What the matter with you?  I was told you write a thank you card like this:
    • Use the person’s name
    • Say thank you for [insert the item given]
    • List one thing you like about it (or in the case of money, how you might use it)
  9. Follow any other guidelines your awarder has directed.  There may be questions to answer, trivia to list, or money to send.  I’m just kidding.  As a side-note, if they ask for money, it is okay to decline the award.
  10. You, too, can have an award.  For those of you without this backlog of recognition, it’s like getting a free Pokemon toy inside your McDonald’s Happy Meal.  Click HERE and follow the 10-Step Process above.  Let me be the first to say, “Congratulations!  You deserve it.  You’re the BEST!”

So there you have it.  As I stated above, you may view not only my latest three awards, but the first two as well by clicking HERE.  In addition, you will find some really cool bloggers which could lead to *enriching your life in ways unimaginable.

*Results may vary.

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Who . . . Me?

I’m not exactly accustomed to receiving awards . . .
There were a couple bowling trophies from my adolescent years:
Before the internet we had to bowl for entertainment.
And the Pinewood Derby Adult Division 2000 from the Boy Scouts:
Laugh if you must, I’m very proud of this one.
The Girl Scout Leader awards:
I miss the cookies . . .
Now, and with no warning, I have been nominated for the Liebster Award:
I am overwhelmed!  However, as we all know, of those to whom much has been given, much is required.  There are questions to answer, questions to ask, a thank you to write, and nominations to . . . um . . . nominate!  And so with no further ado, I’d like to formally thank Lois from livingsimplyfree for presenting me with this nomination.
Lois asks that I answer eleven questions she has posed to her nominees:
  • Why do you blog?

I blog because I enjoy putting my random thoughts into words and editing them until I like the way they sound when read.

  • If you had more free time, how would you like to fill it?

First of all, I would take a nap, which would give me more energy to do all the things I say I’m too tired to do.  I would read, hike, hang with my kids, cook, fix stuff, play with the dogs, organize my photos, write . . .

  • With the holidays fast approaching, what is your favorite/least favorite holiday and why?

What is not to love about Thanksgiving?  Food, family, and no gift expectations to meet.

  • What is one place you would like to visit?

Hard to say . . . you won’t find it in a travel brochure.  I like off-seasons, nearby sites and the unexpected — maybe even around the next corner!  I won’t know where I want to visit until I’ve been there and seen it.

  • If you could meet anyone, in any time period who would it be?

I would like to meet Galileo and show him our science textbooks.

  • I love a good laugh, it makes even the worst days better.  So what caught you off-guard and made you laugh recently?

At work the other day I accidentally called my cell phone while trying call a co-worker.  I thought, “Who the heck is calling me, now?”  The number looked familiar.  Indeed, it looked like a number from my workplace.  In fact . . . it looked like MY number!  Then just as I looked at my desk phone, I heard in my headset my own cheerful voice, “Hello!  You’ve reached the cell phone of Jean . . . ”  Laughed so damned hard, I snorted!

  • If you had to choose, would you choose more money or more time?

As shallow as this sounds, I would take more money.  I barely have enough money for the time I’ve already been given, so more time would just be more expensive, and lead to more anxiety.  Wishing for more time is romantic, but I’m an incurable realist.  There is no such thing as more time, but more money?  Hand it over!

  • What is your biggest pet peeve?

I can’t stand know-it-alls — this includes the person who knows how I should eat, how everyone should vote, who knows what kind of person you are by the way you look, who knows how to raise your children . . . you know this person, and you can’t stand them either.  Admit it.

  • What is your favorite low cost/no cost activity or hobby?

Being a very visual person, I love photography.  It’s not a serious hobby.  I have a digital camera and don’t do anything terribly creative with it.  Photography slows me down and encourages me to look for things of beauty or interest that I would otherwise walk by.

  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?

My best day begins early after a good night’s sleep, quietly watching the sun illuminate the landscape.

  • Since those of us in the northern hemisphere are moving towards winter, what is your favorite spot inside your home to spend time in?

If actions speak louder than words, it would be my living room where I read, write, watch movies and steal the occasional nap.  BUT if I can get myself in bed early enough, I do take pleasure in the 15 to 30 minutes before I drift off, when the dogs are settled in, I am washed and brushed, the lights are low, with a good book in hand.

Pass it on:

This award also requires that I nominate bloggers who have 200 or less followers.  Of those blogs I follow, only a few actually show the number of followers they have.  I’m not sure who makes these rules, but I’ve seen some Liebsters say they have to list 5, others say 3 to 5, some 11.  I will list my favorites of those who I think have 200 or less followers.  Let’s see how long the list gets:

  1. Richly Bizarre (who has random thoughts like me)
  2. Boomdeeadda (writes about love and life and two black rescue animals — cats, but I won’t hold that against her)
  3. The Rabbit Rabble (did I mention I have opened my home to a rabbit? — that will be a future blog)
  4. Jiggly Bitch (it was the whipped cream/dirty dancing post that made me follow her)

Okay well only four.  And to be fair, I didn’t see how many followers The Rabbit Rabble had, but I took a stab that it is less than 200.  Hopefully being wrong will not cost me the award.

The bloggers above must now answer the eleven questions of my choosing, listed below:

  • How old would you think you are if you didn’t know your age?
  • When you have 30 minutes to kill, what do you do?
  • If you knew it would be personally read and replied to, which celebrity would you choose to write?
  • What is one of your favorite quotes?
  • How do you prepare your favorite vegetable?
  • What do you need that other people might not?
  • Would you rather hunt for paranormal activity with Jason and Grant on Ghost Hunters, fish for River Monsters with Jeremy Wade, or have dinner with Les Stroud on Survivorman?
  • What rule do you like breaking?
  • What was the last song that got stuck in your head?
  • If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
  • What do you spy with your little eye?

For those of you who were not nominated, but are still reading, I would love to read your answers to any of the above!

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Renewed Narcissism

In my opinion, there are no truly altruistic actions.  People blog primarily for the warm fuzzies it brings to our psyche.  There are those who say technology is encouraging narcissism.  

Still, if along my narcissistic journey I can bring some good to others along the way — well then — why shouldn’t I?

I woke up this morning having been given my first award by a fellow blogger who has, herself, touched me with her writing.  Come November nominated me for my post Loving Your Inner Child, published September 3rd, 2012.  The award for which I was nominated was the Compassionate Communicator.  I am flattered, touched by the fact that she found meaning in my post.  I am honored that she thought of me after having received the nomination herself.  My narcissism is renewed!

I started this project (blogging) as a way to release my thoughts and see if they alight anywhere in particular.  These are a few stipulations I laid down for myself:

  1. I will treat my potential readers, and those they may know, with respect.
  2. I will speak respectfully of myself, my life, and those in it.
  3. I will come up with a tag-line that directs me in my writing.
  4. I will write with honesty, being as true to my own voice as I am able.

If respect is something that is needed for compassion, and I believe it is, then I accept this award with the spirit in which it is offered.


The Compassionate Communicator Award

This award can be given, by any blogger who has received it, to any blogger they feel has benefitted them.

Passing it Forward . . .

The fellow narcissists I have chosen to recognize are for very different reasons.  Their particular posts touched me, though it was a monumental task to choose just one from each blog.

I would like to nominate the post Crap . . . eggs it is by Grapes, Gripes and Gratitude.  She uses humor and honesty to convey the love she carries for her children, their father, and herself.  I wish I had known her writings back when I was a mother of young children.  She would have reminded me that under the Super-Mom uniform is a real human being who needs nurturing and an occasional glass of wine.

There is someone at work who has become very special to me.  She brings treats to work.  ‘Nuff said?  Not quite.  She is a loving daughter of her mother who is suffering the onslaught of Alzheimer’s Disease.  They are the two most lucky people in the world to have each other.  I nominate Mary of Just want to ride for her post Mom and Daughter — Difference?

Lastly, there is a new blog I have started to follow, One Thousand Single Days.  I was mesmerized by the post Qualification: Pain.  She writes of compassion born of experience.  The quote she includes from a szisophrhenic patient illustrates the pain of the people she is compelled to help, ‘Even if I tell you my name I will die.


1. That in awarding it to a blogger you simply link it to one of their blog posts which you feel has personally benefited you in some way.

2. You give a brief explanation of why you feel it benefited you

3. On accepting the award you link back to and thank the person who awarded it to you.