Award Showcase


Awards and Recognition

Awards are like Pokemon Cards for Bloggers.  We give them, trade them, acquire and display them.  Here is my current collection of awards, the amazing bloggers who have bestowed them upon me, and those who have inspired me along the way.


inspiring-blogger-awardLook who’s nominating me again . . . it’s my sister, Lois.  I can call her a sister because we are now members of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers (see above).  She has lovingly acknowledged me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  This is quite the treasure.  Imagine that.  I inspire HER!  

I hereby bequeath the Very Inspiring Blogger Award to:

  • My Plant Based Family  It’s too late for me to have a plant-based family.  But it is not too late to teach this old dog some new tricks.  I PIN her recipes often.  She inspires me to eat well.  Another thing, she is not a food snob.  I hate food snobs.
  • The Sugarlump  If you aren’t inspired by someone who shoots water bottles while wearing leopard-print shoes, then what in tarnation floats your boat?  Her cat wears shoes, and she has more awards than it should be legal to possess.  But here’s another one anyway, Sugah.
  • myspokenheart  Here’s another one who has already received this award, and rightly so.  She speaks from the heart both in her writing and comments.  She is one of those kind hearts that make you feel comfortable blogging.
  • Adam S.  and The Cheeky Diva share this award together.  Yes, folks, the first ever co-bestowment of an award in the history of blogging (as far as I know).  The way these two banter back and forth, it inspires me to read, inspires my funny bone, and keeps me on the internet until I’m late for work!  Cheeky inspired me to write Haiku — something I’ve not tried since my 7th grade teacher told me my Haiku was lame.  Adam inspired me with his comments to write more.  He makes me feel “heard” and encourages conversation at any site he visits.

While I think I can come up with 7 (fairly) interesting things about me, I will not be able to pass this on to 15 more bloggers.  I have been adding to this Award Showcase all day.  It is Saturday, and there is a lot of pressure to make today count (see answer #8 under the SOTWBA above).  Also, if I’m here much longer, I WILL need more donuts.

7 (fairly) interesting facts about me you may not know:

  1. I used to be somewhat of a needlework expert.
  2. I have never broken a bone.
  3. I have never had a meaningful conversation with my vagina.
  4. I cannot hold my own in a debate to save my soul.
  5. I have never been accused of taking things too seriously.
  6. I can cook at a campsite almost anything I can cook in the kitchen.
  7. I used to forget to pick up my kids because I lost track of time playing computer games.

Should you find I have nominated you for this, please nominate 15 other bloggers to receive your recognition.  Then tell us 7 interesting facts we may not know about you.  Who comes up with these numbers, anyway?  Do your best and I won’t judge.


sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award1The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award was given to me by a guy.  That’s right.  Guys can be in the sisterhood.  Hey, this isn’t the dark ages anymore.  Get over it already.   A huge thank you goes out to radaronelson of Seasons of Insanity who recognized me for this decoration.  He is preparing for the zombie apocalypse, and I’m guessing as a retired Air Force member, he is astutely qualified to do so.  So I follow him . . . just in case.

I hereby bequeath the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award to:

livingsimplyfree  As we have decided that we are living parallel lives, she is the perfect candidate for the Sisterhood.  Lois is my wannabe sister because she is concerned about the world I and my loved ones live in.  She loves the little things.  Walks.  Paint.  Flowers.  Sandpaper.  Now don’t you wish you had a sister like that?

Just a Girl  We like each other.  And we said it, we didn’t just click the little like button.  Her blog is fairly new.  She will make a good addition into the Sisterhood.  She can be sassy, vulnerable, and is just trying to figure it all out like the rest of us.  Sometimes reading her posts feels like talking about life while wearing slippers and eating ice cream.

Go Jules Go  Chipmunks, giveaways and bloody dogs.  This is the crazy sister who gives the rest of us something to talk about.  Her dog is Uncle Jesse, she has a barn, and she is a Certified Graduate of Project Management Boot Camp.  Yeah.  Don’t mess with her.

Frankly My Dear  This is someone who comes to the party or you just cancel it.  She has some serious game, and can teach you how to get yours on too.  She doesn’t hoard the coolness.  She is going to make us ALL cool.

Apparently this sucker doesn’t come free.  There are rules.  I think R.O.Nelson wanted me to answer the same questions he was given.  So let’s go with that to make it easy.  Time is money here, folks.  If you agree to accept this award, you best be following the guidelines below, Sistah . . .

1.  Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.

2.  Answer 10 questions.

3.  Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.  (Do your best)

4.  Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know that they have been nominated.

5.  Include the award logo within your blog post.

The Questions to be answered

1.  Your favorite color – Purple

2.  Your favorite animal – Dog

3.  Your favorite non-alcoholic drink – Coke Zero

4.  Facebook or Twitter – Twitter, but it links to Facebook, so I kill two birds with one stone.  Typically, though, I don’t kill birds at all.

5.  Your favorite pattern – Polka Dots

6.  Do you prefer getting or giving presents?  — Giving.  I know it sounds cheesy, but I hate the stress that goes along with receiving.  Did I say thank you?  Did I sound sincere?  What the hell am I going to do with this thing?  Did I give them something at least as expensive?  Do they really believe I love it?  I love this thing . . . what if I break it?

7.  Your favorite number? – 1,000,000 . . . in small bills.

8.  Your favorite day of the week? – Friday.  It has so much potential.  Saturday has all that pressure to make it count and Sunday is just full of dread that the next day is Monday.

9.  Your favorite flower? – Crocus.  I love way they pop their head up through the snow announcing spring.

10.  What is your passion?  Probably food.  It’s a love/hate relationship of addiction.


Blogger Idol

Thank you to Adam S., easily one of the funniest ranters in the world.  Yes, the world.  The Blogger Idol sounds like something that I was awarded after weeks of various challenges, set against others fighting tooth and nail for their one chance of a lifetime.  Adam simply handed to me like a flyer at the STD clinic.  Only I don’t have an STD.

I hereby bequeath the Blogger Idol Award to:

  • MovieJoltz I do more than sit and read blogs.  I also sit and watch movies.  This guy has done more to get me to lay down 20 bucks for a movie and popcorn than Steven Spielberg himself.
  • L.S. Moore  Yes, yes, this is all about graveyards.  If it makes you feel better, wear black, but DO check it out.  If I’m not mistaken, it is a cross between a conversational blog and an art blog!
  • Add-libb3d   This guy is wicked funny.  He writes about random thoughts like his halloweenie and  parking lot rage.  His abs of steel are protected from damage by a soft pillowy coating.

Three is a good number.  I realize four is probably the default number for this stuff, but if God himself stopped at three, I think this trinity of bloggers will keep you amused for an hour or two.  If you find yourself on this list, it would be polite for you to pass it on in the same manner I have done.  And you know what your mother said about being polite.


The Liebster is awarded to those bloggers with 200 followers or less.  I’d like to thank Lois from livingsimplyfree for presenting me with this nomination.  Lois is a resourceful person who is single-handedly saving the planet.  Okay, she could actually use your help.

I hereby bequeath the Liebster Blog Award to:

  • Richly Bizarre (who has random thoughts like me)
  • Boomdeeadda (writes about love and life and two black rescue animals — cats, but I won’t hold that against her)
  • The Rabbit Rabble (did I mention I have opened my home to a rabbit? — that will be a future blog)
  • Jiggly Bitch (it was the whipped cream/dirty dancing post that made me follow her)

Some people require you to answer questions.  The questions I answered and asked can be seen on my post Who . . . Me?  


The Compassionate Communicator was given to me by Come November.  She entrusts her readers with the vulnerable details of her life with Nook and Lunatic. Using humor as body armor, and words as weapons, she tackles the deep shadows of her past while making sense of the present.

November was the second person ever to comment on one of my posts, writing, “The internet is a lot nicer than the real world is.”  For the most part I have found this to be true.

This award is given for a particular post and mine was given in response to my post entitled Loving Your Inner Child.  I am so moved that my words had an impact on her.

I herby bequeath the Compassionate Communicator to:

  • Grapes, Gripes and Gratitude for the post Crap . . . eggs it is.  She uses humor and honesty to convey the love she carries for her children, their father, and herself.  I wish I could have read her posts back when I was a mother of young children.  She would have reminded me that under the Super-Mom uniform is a real human being who needs nurturing and an occasional glass of wine.
  • There is someone at work who has become very special to me.  She brings treats to work.  ’Nuff said?  Not quite.  She is a loving daughter of her mother who is suffering the onslaught of Alzheimer’s Disease.  They are the two most lucky people in the world to have each other.  I nominate Mary of Just want to ride for her post Mom and Daughter — Difference?  Bring tissues.
  • Lastly, there is a new blog I have started to follow, One Thousand Single Days.  I was mesmerized by the post Qualification: Pain.  She writes of compassion born from experience.  The quote she includes from a szisophrhenic patient illustrates the pain of the people she is compelled to help, ‘Even if I tell you my name I will die.

Those who would like to pass along the Compassionate Communicator should link it to one of the blog posts which you feel has personally benefitted you in some way, give a brief explanation of why you feel it benefitted you, and link back to and thank the person who awarded it to you.


alan-smithee-award1This award was given to me by my number one fan.  I am damn proud of The Alan Smithee Blog Award.  There are no further guidelines to receiving this prestigious award.  It is the most user-friendly award to receive.

  • It’s a receive and post. As easy to use as a shoot and click camera.
  • It’s guilt-free. If you don’t want another award, simply ignore it.
  • It’s charitable. For those who have none, or just really need more recognition, it is yours for the asking.
  • Click on the award to receive it for yourself.

19 responses to “Award Showcase

  • I’m Sorry, My Brain is Short Circuiting, My Post Today Will Be In List of Posts Form « Come November

    […] have also received another Lobster award from Ms. Katykins. Jean mentioned in her Award Showcase that for bloggers, receiving these awards is the equivalent of collecting Pokemon […]

  • livingsimplyfree

    Okay, you got me. I clicked here to read your post and had no idea I was being nominated right back. I’m now a member of the Sisterhood. Thanks sis! 🙂 You can add one more thing we have in common, I’ve never had a conversation with my vagina either! I’ll teach you how to not only hold your own in a debate, but how to win, I always win. On a serious note, I like how you set this up to have all your awards in one place.

  • Adam S

    Jean, this is just so cool. What you said is exactly how I feel. I’m so glad you “get it”. You’ve inspired me to continue to be authentic. Don’t ever stop writing and sharing. This is a pretty big thing we’re all doing here, and it’s important that we continue to be *real*. Huge love back at you for the awesome words. The only thing though, I don’t work good under pressure. Those are some pretty big expectations to live up to! Thanks so much for the shout back!!

    • Jean

      I’m so glad you like it. You are mentioned a LOT so I was worried that it was going to be okay. All I expect is that you continue to be yourself.

      You are so welcome. I am honored just to have you here.

      • Adam S

        Jean, I don’t like putting restrictions on how much people talk about me. You can write a book about me if you’d like. I’ll even sign it. Ha. Ha. (honored? pssh!) I promise, I’ll always be an authentic goofball. Mark. My. Words.

  • radaronelson

    LOL, you are a wise woman because I am fully prepared for the zombie apocalypse…a little tid bit of info you may not know, THe CDC has a page on their site on how they would respond and as I work for homeland security we have an our organization that falls under us that has an 800 page operating instruction on how they will respond and report to us if the zombie apocalypse happens as well…so it’s not just in the movies and books anymore… 🙂

    • Jean

      So this is a real threat? 😕

      • radaronelson

        It is widely believed that it will stem from a virus or a shot like the flu or H1N1 flu shot. Because it is a realistic possibility though most widely believed unlikely by many foolish people, they have created preparation guidelines for just such a case. You know the gov never tells us everything and I have worked for them 21 1/2 yrs so it wouldn’t surprise me that this was already conceived in some gov laboratory somewhere which is why they created methods of containment. Just my theory.

      • Jean

        Well my mom, rest her soul, was convinced if there was an apocalypse, she would come live with me because I could make a meal out of almost anything with anything electrical whatsoever. She was wrong, of course. I did, after all, take the things from the fridge out to the back yard.

        Incidentally, I got my flu shot and I feel fine. No odd cravings for brains or anything . . .

      • radaronelson

        LOL, the cravings don’t come till after you die and then reanimate….I however have not a flu shot since I retired from the military in Jan 2011. I only got it before because they made me. Of course they made me get a lot of shots that I think were really just them testing things on us. They have my DNA too which I’m sure they are using for cloning experiments somewhere.

  • moviejoltz

    I deeply thank you for your kind words, running out and celebrating with a pint of ice cream!

  • lsmoore

    Wow, Jean, this is a very cool gallery of awards. After blogging for months, I still feel like I’ve barely dipped my toe in the vast sea of the blogoshere both as a writer and a follower. I’d love to pass the Blogger Idol Award on…when I figure out how to do that.
    Thanks for the link to the art vs conversation post. It made a lot of sense. I guess I consider the photos on my site less art and more temptation, or invitation to my fellow taphofiles who are stuck in the closet. I hope to convey that it’s not weird or morbid to enjoy wandering through a beautiful cemetery. Whether you’re seeking a deeply spiritual moment, or just looking for a peaceful spot for lunch, getting out and exploring graveyards is okay.
    Thanks again for the very kind nod!

  • The Beautiful Blogger Award! |

    […] I find so beautiful. Her piece on the Bogeyman made me feel so much better as did her thoughts on ‘vagina talk’. To get that little bit of hilarity  check out her awards page and enjoy her recipient banter. I […]

  • Moment Matters

    Jean, how are you?

    We’d love to expand this list! So we are giving you the “BEST MOMENT AWARD“. Congratulations and enjoy the rest of the day!

    • Jean

      I am perplexed as to how I missed replying to this! I am taken aback at seeing my name on the list. My acceptance is in the works as we speak. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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