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Laugh every day

I try to find something to laugh about every day. Today it arrived by United Parcel Service.

My order of whatchamacallits came today. Amazon sent me three notifications telling me my order was on my doorstep. So I shouldn’t have been surprised to find three boxes waiting for me when I got home. I tried to remember what else I had ordered. Shortly after bringing them in the house, a UPS truck stopped by with one more. The fourth notification rang on my phone minutes later.


As the boxes were opened one by one, the situation was revealed to me.


I took the four whatchamacallits out of their individual boxes, stacked them and just to prove the point, slipped them into a single box with room to spare.

Untitled   Untitled


There are so many things wrong about this. Don’t get me started. Some days if you don’t laugh, you cry. So today I chose to laugh.

Peace . . .


Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

2 thoughts on “Laugh every day

    1. OHHH! You don’t know how relevant that is to my next post! You are a mind-reader I think. I like to recycle the cardboard in my gardens under the mulch to keep down weeds and feed the worms. I’m so happy they went to using biodegradable packing tape.

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