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If dogs had hands

What if dogs had hands? You know . . . with opposable thumbs and the whole nine yards.

Mostly likely they wouldn’t be practicing Chopin on the piano, or sharpening any craftsman skills.  Picture toddlers that never grow up.

The first thing they’d do would be to go in-and-out-and-in-and-out all day long. They’d hear a dog bark and they would throw open the door, let it bang against the wall, and tear out into the yard barking — at any hour of the day or night.

UntitledThere would be no training them to shut the door quietly, if we could get them to shut it at all. They wouldn’t be trainable at all, because they’d have free access to all the treats they could eat. I’d hold out a milk bone, command them to sit, and they’d look at me, walk into the kitchen, and grab a handful of chips. They’d walk over to the tv, flip over to Animal Planet, sit on the couch and mindlessly let the crumbs fall between the cushions.

Can you imagine trying to walk a dog who could reach up and detach their leash whenever they wanted to veer off the sidewalk? Instead of barking at the mail carrier through the closed door, they’d open it up and chase her down the street.

Then again, maybe they’d learn to throw frisbees and balls to each other and they’d stop nagging me. Maybe instead of waking me up in the morning to be let out and pour a bowl of kibble, they’d simply do it themselves. Maybe they’d actually get up and make a nice pancake breakfast with sausage and eggs for the whole family. Yeah . . . highly unlikely.

What would your pets do if they had hands?

Peace . . .


Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

3 thoughts on “If dogs had hands

  1. Mine would have given my last husband the finger and carried her own treats. She might have even taken the car keys to signal it was time for a trip to McDonald’s for her ice cream cone. She had a good heart and very intuitive so I think all would have been well. She had her own door that she went in and out of at will so no worries there. Something to think about though. I did feed her at the table with her own bowl and she never ate until I said ok. She also didn’t touch our food unless we gave it to her in her dish. Kind of a princess that way. Very proper and dainty. 🙂 This made me smile.

    1. Oh it sounds like you had quite the character there! My own princess growled at the scamp this morning, reminding us all of her regal status. He won the couch, but only after I petted her reassuringly.

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