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You’re kind of a big deal

Walking in the door, there are two black wagging tails, four eyes looking up, and eight paws padding back and forth and jumping off the ground.  Sabbie especially will jump and jump and jump, careful not to land against us, but unable to stay on mother earth.  They wiggle and snort, sometimes pouncing on each other in their excitement.  There are groans and growls, all to distract me from putting away my coat and purse.

It’s like watching the crowd at a Taylor Swift concert. In my dogs’ eyes, I’ve achieved celebrity status. I’ve arrived. I’m kind of a big deal around here.

If you walked into my house it wouldn’t be any different. I’ve seen the pizza delivery man get a pretty good reception too. So let’s all walk around this week like we’re a big deal.

Because we are. If only in the eyes of my dogs.


Peace . . .


Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

10 thoughts on “You’re kind of a big deal

  1. Looks like you are back in a big way. Yay! I love your writing. And I love the envelope for the comments. When my sister brings her dog to visit, it’s like I’m her favorite person ever. I miss having one as they just love you no matter what, especially if they sense food coming. 🙂 Enjoyed the memories of coming home to mine. They are the most interesting creatures ever.

    1. It’s like they’ve won the lottery every time you walk in the door. Can you imagine? And I have a dear friend with whom I’ve made a 30 posts in 30 days challenge. Her WP blog is You may have seen her comments on my posts. I get them mixed up with yours all the time — “Now which insearchof is this again?” You should check her blog out.

      1. I have seen her in your comments. I plan to check the blog out as soon as I get a breathing moment. but the idea of whales didn’t grab me at first glance. 🙂 Dogs do always act like you are the sun and the moon.

      2. Maybe this will grab you. Mary had a yearning for whales and the ocean. They showed up in her dreams and she dove deep into the water with them and into them. After Mary’s mother passed, she dropped everything and left Minnesota to pursue her love in Oregon. She is my spirit animal. Or maybe my spirit person. 🤔

      3. Did I know that? I’m sure it must have come up. I’ve wanted to travel to Oregon ever since I helped my daughter with her 5th grade state project.

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