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Where I Stand

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Where do you stand on gun control?  I stand beside a maple night table placed to the left of a double bed, symmetrically balancing the one on the other side.  It looks exactly like I imagine every other parents’ bedroom looks in my neighborhood.  I’m a young girl, alone in the house, except for my friend.  My grandparents have left for the day, mother is picking up dinner on the way home from work.  It is just the two of us, contemplating what we ought do next.

I’m not sure how it became a topic, but it is.  I know the rules.  I know how it works.  I know what it does.  I know it’s kept in the drawer in the night table.

“Do you want to see it?”

I reach for the hard metal pull and the drawer glides open.  We exchange glances as we view the weapon lying patiently for employment.

The metal is cold.  I’ve held it before, yet it is heavier than I expect.  It feels as powerful as I know it is.  I place the firearm in her outstretched palms.  We look at it with wide eyes.

“Are there bullets in it?”

I shrug my shoulders.  She pushes the device back toward me.  Carefully, I lift it from her hands and set it gingerly back in the drawer.  I make certain it looks exactly as I found it.  I know the consequence for breaking this rule.

We breathe a sigh of relief.  The Thing is put away and we never have to hold it again if we don’t need to.  Or want to.  But if we do, we know where it is.  Both of us.

We go back to playing things that little girls play before their parents come home with dinner and friends are sent home to their houses for dinner.

That day we walked away from the night table with the gun in it.  And life went on.  But what if it hadn’t?

And that’s where I stand on gun control . . . by a maple night table placed to the left of a double bed.

Peace . . .


Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

2 thoughts on “Where I Stand

  1. Gun control? What a hot button subject right now. I’m mixed on guns and gun control. I don’t believe that by banning them we will ever remove gun crimes because criminals do not buy them through legal means. I do believe that owning a gun can protect one, studies have shown where open carry is permitted gun crimes are lower. But then there is the issue of children getting a hold of a gun and using it intentionally to harm others. We had a school shooting when my boys were young, my oldest was friends with the boy, he was 15 and had hunted for years with his father so knew where the keys were. How we handle this is a huge question, that I think only having a close relationship with your kids and noticing changes in them no matter how small is the only answer. In our community, many families hunted together and had guns to protect their farms. For me, I was narrowly missed by a stray bullet as a child so no gun has ever been in my home.

    1. I can only speak from my own experience. I had a really close relationship with my parents. I knew the rules. I still took the thing out with a friend in the house. I also lived with a police officer for 23 years. It was locked up any time it want with him. I felt safe with it locked up and four kids and their friends in the house.

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