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25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 25) A Song I Could Listen to All Day Without Getting Tired Of

marathon thirst
marathon thirst (Photo credit: darkmatter)

Cue up the fanfare and pyrotechnics!  Someone hand me a glass of water.  I’ve crossed the finish line.  It was touch and go there for a few days, but I made it.  I may not have come in first, but I came in on my own two feet.

Eventually, listening to a song too often is going to wear it out.  Music is like sex.  The high you get from the rhythm, lyrics, and melody stirs something inside.  The unexpected change in key is exhilarating.  A drum or guitar solo can send you over the edge like the climax of an orgasm.  You want it again and again . . .

Until you don’t.  Sooner or later you’re going to want to eat, or watch a movie, or just stare into space.  But you can no sooner listen to only one song any more than you could stand to do nothing else but have sex all day long.  I’m not saying you wouldn’t want to give that a try, but I’m older and wiser and I know this stuff.

If I were going to do it all day . . . get your mind out of the gutter now . . . . I’m talking about listening to one song.  It could very well be Stay Home by Salf.  It appeals to the introvert in me.  Even the band name is appropriate.

My alarm clock woke me up with this song for months.  Every morning at 5:00 a.m. my iPod would start up. Then my toe.  Then my foot.  Before I knew it, I was dancing around my bed singing (or was I yelling?), “I WANNA STAY HOME TODAAAAAY . . . ”

Shrek (the first one) has my favorite soundtrack ever.  I know.  I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to soundtracks.

Other favorites from this movie include (in no particular order):


(I compiled this list using Wikipedia and all links lead back to that page.)

Yes, I know that’s almost the whole soundtrack and then some.  It’s THAT good.

While you listen to this song a few dozen times, I’m going to go rehydrate after this 25-day haul.  I did break my personal best record of posting five days in a row.  I don’t know about you, but I think that deserves some type of celebration.

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Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

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