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25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 21 through 24)

Failure is an option.  It is always an option.  Sometimes it’s a damn good option.  Like when you’ve worked 10-, 11-, and even 12-hour days all month, and you have the chance to go rock out at a great show, have a couple of drinks and hang out with friends.  Failing to keep up with the 25-Day Challenge was a small price to pay.

If I had felt clever, I would have posted “25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 21) My Favorite Song” as Any Song I’m Listening to Live.    I showed up for my shift the next day with indelible Sharpie® still on the back of my hand.  After another 11-hour day, I ate dinner and went to bed before the sun hit the horizon.  Day 22 was a wash as well.  Day 23 didn’t go any better.

Fast forward to Day 24.  I have a few alternatives.

  • Give up.  The project is ruined.  The challenge was not met.  Better luck next time, Loser.
  • Catch up.  Post all four days on Day 24 just in time to finish strong on Day 25.
  • Stand up.  Brush myself off, and join back in on Day 24.  No one remembers you didn’t post on the 21st, 22nd, or 23rd anyway.  I suppose I thought everyone was sitting by their monitors every day not knowing how to go ahead with life because I hadn’t posted the Song Challenge.

Any of these choices cater to the perfectionist in me, and I think, if you don’t mind (and even if you do) I’d like to catch up.  It’s been a super fun challenge, and I hope you’ve learned a little something about me along the way.

Day 21:  My Favorite Song

Favorite music is so subjective, isn’t it?  I mean . . . favorite when?

  • When someone ticks me off:  The Game by Disturbed
  • When I’m feeling suppressed by society:  Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson
  • When I’m cleaning:  Tutti Frutti by Little Richard
  • When I’m consuming an adult beverage(s):  Have a Drink on Me by AC/DC
  • When I’m on a road trip:  American Pie by Don McLean
  • When I’m celebrating my birthday:  In da Club by 50 Cent
  • When I’m feeling happy, like today . . .

Day 22:  A Song That Someone Has Sung to Me

My mother used to sing to me all the time.  She was always singing to someone; my dad, her parents, even the dog.  And she made up the words when she didn’t know them, or sang la-la-la-lalala.  We used to tease her about some of the words she made up.  Sometimes she would throw in a little dance step, including some tap she learned as a little girl.

Squeaky-clean and snuggled into my pajamas, my mom would cuddle me up on her lap, sing me songs and recite nursery rhymes.  I can remember night fall over the neighborhood out our big picture window and bouncing on her knee.  Here is one of the songs she would sing.  I don’t remember her singing the full song.  Maybe she did, or maybe she only sang the chorus, but that is all I can remember.


Day 23:  A Song That I Cannot Stand to Listen to

There are some sounds that simply drive me crazy.

  • Styrofoam being rubbed together.
  • Balloons being twisted until they squeak.
  • Children screaming in a restaurant.
  • Rubber foam being cut with a knife.
  • A mosquito near my ear.  In the dark.
  • And this song . . .


Day 24:  A Song that I have Danced to With My Best Friend

Well, here’s a stumper.  I am so fortunate to have so many close and caring friends.  How does one go about choosing the best? A best friend is the one I turn toward first when there is good news . . . or bad.  A best friend is one who can dissolve my fears just by walking in the door.  A best friend allows me to grow and sits back to see what I become.

Bubba and I aren’t found on the dance floor very often.  We attend wedding receptions every now and then and dance, but I couldn’t tell you which songs have played.  The last wedding we attended we didn’t dance at all.  We ate cupcakes while everyone else was on the dance floor.

BUT . . . if we were going to dance, I think I would choose this song . . .

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Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

16 thoughts on “25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 21 through 24)

  1. The fact that you fell behind with the challenge tells me you have a life. And some scary working hours. I, on the other hand, only came close to missing some deadlines which speaks volumes about my social life at times. A blaze of glory today when all is done! I hope you get some respite from the long hours and a few more Sharpie moments.x

    1. “blaze of glory” Now there’s another song in my head!

      Yes, I am loving this 3-day weekend thing. I could get used to it.

      1. LOL. I mean you can get on with your life now. Much healthier than waiting around for me, don’t you think?

  2. I kind of liked that you did these last 3 all at once and liked the choice you made. With those working hours, I don’t know how you write anything cohesive. I’ve worked those hours in my day and they are not pretty. The vision of your mother singing to you was just sweet. You were a very lucky girl.

    1. My writing was cohesive? Awesome. I really don’t know how I did it either. This will pass. We have been short-staffed at the same time we are going through a system upgrade. Most days we barely have our head above water. This 3-day weekend is most welcomed!

      I didn’t even have to think twice about what song I would choose for a Song Someone Has Sung to Me. Good memories. I was indeed lucky.

  3. Jean, I fell behind in my reading and now wish I had kept up with you and your challenge better. I would be hard pressed to come up with a favorite song or even a band, it all depends on my mood at the moment, similar to have you explained it in day 21. right now I am enjoying Two Cellos, if you haven’t heard of them, they are new to me too, you can check them out on YouTube, I think you would enjoy them by your above taste in music (they play some AC/DC)

    1. I just went and listened. That’s pretty amazing. Thanks for turning me on to them!

      Some of my submissions are pretty edgy. I thought maybe I had turned you off. So glad to hear you were just keeping up with your “real” life! 🙂

      1. Not at all, I’ve been so busy outside by the time I come in for the night I am exhausted. I think of you as a sister I was separated from at birth as we think so alike on so many issues. Love your edgier stuff too. 😉

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