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25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 19) The First Song Alphabetically in My iPod/iTunes

You know how rigid I am about these rules.  After all, on Day 12 I had a hard time posting The Last Song I Heard, because every time I got ready to post, I heard another song.  So like it or not, this is the first song alphabetically on my iTunes library.  I would have had to go down to song #3 before I found anything less edgy, Kelly Clarkson’s Addicted.  

Please know, that for the more delicate of my readers, I did think about bypassing #1 and #2.  But in the spirit of the challenge and for the sake of honesty, I chose to post Absinthe With Faust by Cradle of Filth.

“Faust is the protagonist of a classic German legend. He is a scholar who is highly successful yet dissatisfied with his life, so he makes a pact with the Devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. The Faust legend has been the basis for many literary, artistic, cinematic, and musical works that have reinterpreted it through the ages.”
— Wikipedia



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Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

12 thoughts on “25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 19) The First Song Alphabetically in My iPod/iTunes

      1. Ha! I guess that goes without saying. Because I already did when I posted it. Geeze I need to get out more.

  1. 🙂 Not my cup of tea but then, I’m old. Good you followed the directions and can feel good about being honest. I’d bet I have a self help audio at the top of my playlist. :))

    1. Love self help. When I worked at the book store, there was a self-help section right next to self-improvement. I never could understand the difference.

      1. That’s an interesting thing to think about. Maybe one is how you think and the other is how you appear??? Crazy. Hmmmm. Now I’m stuck there.:)

      2. Stuck? LOL You do need help! J/K!

        I was thinking one is for when you’re really messed up and one is for when you’re pretty good, you just want to improve.

        Think/Feel I like that description too.

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