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25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 12) The Last Song You Heard

Well this challenge seemed pretty easy . . .

On arriving at work, the last song on the radio was still ringing in my head.  But it was a commercial jingle.

“Oh, oh, oh, O’Reilly . . . “

I wondered if advertising slogans count.  I decided to ponder that until my lunch break when I could start this post you’re now reading.

Driving home for my midday break, there was another song on the radio.  I no longer needed to decide whether a commercial fit the bill as the last song I heard.  I realized it was now an actual song.

‘Cause I’m a fool for the city
I’m a fool for the city
Fool for the city
I’m a fool for the city . . . “

The new plan was to quickly post the song while eating my lunch.

Except . . . my laptop froze up.  So did my phone.  I ate my lunch while watching my devices spinning their tires in the quagmire.  So much for the Foghat tune.

My mind was mush after working ten hours in a new-software-enhanced chaos.  I pushed the pop radio button on my presets.  Some song was playing for which I would remember the lyrics, Google it, then post it as my last listened-to song.  After walking in the front door, I quickly sorted the mail, put the dog outside and practiced some yoga.  And yes . . . the words I had committed to memory were lost forever.

There I sat in front of the keyboard, wondering how I can hear a song to post it as the last song I heard.  It is very possible I take these challenges too seriously.  In the eleventh hour, I turned on the radio in a do-or-die effort to post today’s challenge.

I’ve had enough for one day.  Goodnight, Dear Reader.

Peace . . .


Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

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