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25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 8) A Song That Reminds You of Your First Love

Roller Skates (or 11)
Roller Skates (Photo credit: smaedli)

Most of my friends performed their first experiments with romance at the roller skating rink.  The excitement of swinging your hips in time to the music past clusters of boys was electric.  We freshened our face with makeup we snuck out of the house.  It was our first social adventure with music, our own money, and the prospect of love.

I can no longer remember his name.  I can, however, remember thinking how cute he looked.  He had thick dark hair and brown eyes, more than a few inches taller than me.  He asked me to skate with him for a few songs, skillfully skating backwards to hold both of my hands.

The second week after we started skating the slow songs together, he gathered me in his nervous arms.  My dearest childhood friend, Kim, waited nearby awkwardly.  Eventually she walked away, stating later that she hadn’t wanted to be a “Moocher.”  To this day I don’t know what she meant, but it was instantly and permanently an inside joke between us.

Finally, he timidly asked if I would like to wear his ring.  He kissed me gently.  It was, in all honesty, my first real kiss.  I could hardly have said no to the ring.

Reality woke me from my fairy-tail when we hopped into my mom’s car, waiting in a long line of parents in the parking lot.  I’m not sure how she did it, but on the way home, she conveniently gave us a lecture on the hazards of taking up with boys at such a young age.  She trusted we were too smart to start up with any one boy yet.  Kim and I exchanged glances in the back seat as I tried to figure out how I would hide my betrothed hand forever.

My new boyfriend called the house every night or two.  Not only did I have nothing to say, I stretched the 15-foot phone cord a good twenty feet into the next room.  It was out of earshot of no one at all, and drew the attention of my anxious father.

“What is she saying that she can’t say in front of us?” he asked my mother.

As was usually the case, mom was right.  I was too young to be tying my heart to one fella.  I loved the idea of having a boyfriend, but hadn’t the foggiest idea what to do with one.  I dodged him at the roller rink.  I stopped answering the phone. And after some time, I stopped showing up to skate completely.

I secretly hope he is pining away for me somewhere; single and lonely.

I’m guessing it was back in ’74, which would make me 13 years of age at the time.  Yeah, yeah.  Do the math . . .  Anyway, this song always reminds me of the roller skating rink, with its multi-colored rotating lights, girls smoking in the bathroom, and whatshisname . . .

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Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

13 thoughts on “25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 8) A Song That Reminds You of Your First Love

  1. That’s awesome, great story! Did he ever get his ring back?
    Wow, the skating rink. The only song I remember wanting to skate to back when I actually went skating was the Ghostbusters theme lol. When it came on I had to be on the rink skating. I had no moves and couldn’t skate backwards. But just the act of skating meant I was doing my thing, and it was to that song. I still remember what the place smelled like, how it looked. But I can’t remember any other songs being played. I’m sure it was whatever was a hit in the late 80s.

    1. Ha! Yes, we were all doing our own thing, weren’t we? The only other song I can remember being played was the Raspberries singing Go All the Way. I couldn’t hardly use that song, now could I? You might have gotten the wrong impression.

      1. LOL I’m sure, I’m sure. So, did he get his ring back, or what? Curious minds want to know!

        The Doobie Brothers works for me. I’ve always had this cosmic connection with them. When my mom was pregnant with me, her and my dad went to see them live. Ever since I’ve been like ONE with them. Well, not really. But I do love their music!

      2. I forgot to answer that burning question. He didn’t. I felt guilty about it for a good two weeks until I found that very ring in a store and it had a $5 tag on it. So he was cute, but not a big spender. We were kids, though, right? He probably had to mow a couple lawns for that kind of dough.

        Doobie’s live? Man, I gotta get out more. Thanks for stopping by at least a couple times!

      3. LOL Well, I wanted to see them live but I listened to their newest album and it wasn’t all that good and they don’t have the same lineup anymore and I just think the magic is probably gone, so I passed. And thank you for stopping by my place a couple times! We should do this more often! lol

  2. I enjoy reading about what you kids did. You are just slightly older than my son. Gosh I’m really old. I don’t have those kinds of memories but enjoy living vicariously. I remember the music though. Enjoyed them.

      1. I’m certainly not bored. I’m getting an education here. We didn’t have music in our house so there’s a lot of catching up to do. I appreciate the diversity.

    1. Hey, Mike! You are somewhat right. Many people have recorded this song, and Dobie was one of them. The version I skated to was by the Doobie Brothers, and they retitled it “Give Me The Beat Boys.”

      I did my research — I remember very few names of vocalists, bands, titles of tunes. In fact, most of the songs I’ve listed this month were found by plugging half a phrase into Google, with the word “lyric” at the end. 😀

      1. I don’t remember the Doobie Brothers version, but the posted video on YouTube for the Doobies Brothers is Dobie Gray. Now I’m obsessed with finding the Doobies version. Thanks, Jean! 🙂

      2. Bwahahahaha, it does not take away from your groovy post. I find a lot of mistakes on YouTube. 🙂

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