Celebrate Your Can’ts

Is a Maple any less a tree because it doesn’t keep its green all winter like the Evergreen?  No.  The cycle of losing its leaves opens up the possibility of turning a crimson red each fall.

A very negative post from Rara, who CAN put together some pretty awesome words,  reminds us to celebrate our can’ts.  And so, as imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, I took a page from Rara’s blog, so to speak.  This page, in fact:

I can’t. | rarasaur.

I commented, “Everyone has things they can’t do. It’s time we stop telling people they can do anything if they set their mind to it, because it’s just not true, and it only serves to make people feel like complete failures. Sure, I can do a lot of things, but what I can’t do makes me who I am too!”

I can’t climb a rope.

I can’t follow pop culture.

I can’t remember things I don’t actually see.

I can’t be president, win an olympic medal, step on the moon, or walk a fashion runway.

I can’t put eyeliner on straight.

I can’t run without hurting my knees (or peeing my pants for that matter).

I can’t dive without plugging my nose.

I can’t sing and play Rockband® at the same time (unless, of course I’m doing the singing part — come to think of it, I technically can’t do that either but it doesn’t stop me from trying).

I can’t watch anyone handle a spider without freaking out.

I can’t — CAN’T — let a spider touch me.

I can’t remember anything about my Grandma Habig.

I can’t wear skinny jeans or fashion boots because my calves are too thick.

I can’t understand insurance documents or investment statements.

I can’t, and that’s okay with me.  Because of all the possibilities these can’ts open up.  Just as the Maple is no less a tree, I am no less a person because I can’t.  Nor should Evergreens boast that they stay green all winter, because I have leaves of crimson in the autumn, and together we make a beautiful landscape.

Thank you, Rara, for reminding us all to honor every part of us — the cans and the cannots!

Peace . . .


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