Organizing Life

I’ve sat down at my computer a few times, but nothing seems to come out write.  (Pun intended)

My mind is busy on other, more physical things.  Growing things.  Organizing things.  Reading things.

Along with organizing, comes throwing out things and finding things.  The best finds yet are old photographs and old journals; specifically, those I wrote when my kids were little.

The first journal I started was as the one-year baby journal, full of firsts, was coming to completion for my oldest daughter.

July 6, 1987

I wrote in the introduction, “I cannot help but wonder who you are . . . You are my first child, the one I will learn the most about motherhood from.  You will teach me more about life than I will ever teach you.”

On the next page, “I wanted to wait and begin this journal with your first birthday, but I couldn’t.  I can’t resist a blank piece of paper!”

Remember when we needed paper to write?


At Gramma’s house in Arizona

“I’ve found such a friend in you.  You’re my littlest buddy to take wherever we want to go.  Soon you’ll have your own ideas and places to go.  I hope I can be your buddy then, too.”


Taking me to a Twins game for Mother’s Day!

Still buddies.

Peace . . .



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