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What Really Makes You Beautiful

Have you ever changed the way you felt about a song you liked after listening to the lyrics?  That happened to me with this song.

I don’t want to go into a full rant on this song, because I really do get what they are saying.  Girls who know they are beautiful and use it to manipulate boys aren’t beautiful.  Girls who like to make other girls jealous and steal their boyfriends are just ugly as heck.  Girls who walk into a room and expect all the attention are really just boring.  I get that.

I hope I’m not the only full-grown adult admitting that I liked that song.  It’s not going to find its way onto my playlist, but it’s a toe-tapper, okay?  Well it still gets my foot tapping, but now, after really listening to the message, my head is shaking and there’s this sneer on my face.

Let’s start with the title:

What Makes You Beautiful

It reads like a Teen Mag headline.  This is a tutorial.  Listen up, girls.  This is what will make you beautiful to all the cute boys like the ones in 1D.  Here’s the first suggestion:

You’re insecure.

Oh. My. God.  Do I really have to explain how dangerous this is to those little 14-year old female psyches?  YES!  They are insecure.  Now these teen-idol brats are telling them it’s alright to stay that way.  All that crap their parents have been dishing out like, “You can do it!”  “Stand up straight!”  “Be proud!” can go right out the window, because they just danced around their bedroom to a song telling them they are sexy-hot hiding in the corner.

I will avoid going through every single lyric to save you the monotony, and some of them are arguably good:

Don’t need make-up,
To cover up,
Being the way that you are is enough

Girls don’t need make-up, but most like to experiment with it.  And like most experiments, something is going to blow up now and then.  Most women find a happy-place with their cosmetics eventually.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say girls should or should not wear make-up.  That is a personal decision, and sometimes a moral decision they make with their parents.  But I agree that no one NEEDS make up.  

But when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell

They are singing about someone who smiles at the ground.  This is a girl with serious confidence issues.  Are they going to say how smart she is?  Are they going to say what a great addition she is to the track team?  No.  What are they going to say next?

Right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe,
You don’t know,
Oh, oh,
You don’t know you’re beautiful,
Oh, oh,
That’s what makes you beautiful

Oh HELLS no!  They are going to tell her that the fact that she is such a limp little wallflower is what flips their switch.  The fact that you think you have nothing to offer?  That’s exactly what makes you beautiful.

What I have learned in my short fifty-some years on this planet I learned rather late; somewhere around the forty-fifth:

What Really Makes You Beautiful

Self Awareness
Inner Strength
Sharing Peace
Self Worth
Eye Contact
Being Genuine

And . . . Knowing You’re Beautiful


That’s what makes you beautiful

Peace . .



Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

16 thoughts on “What Really Makes You Beautiful

  1. Jean, yes it has a good beat but not really my type of music. I thought society was taking steps in the right direction with models coming out against air brushing etc. Guess not. Your list was perfect not much else I would add to it.

  2. I shared this one with my daughter…she enjoyed it. A lot of her friends are crazy over 1D, I consider myself lucky that she would rather go to a Van Halen concert, not that those lyrics are any better. Thanks for highly entertaining me Jean!

  3. I think YOUR list is beautiful *smiles*

    I think I will have a talk again with my daughter on this subject next week…just to let her know she IS beautiful….that being smart, being confident, being kind …. those are beautiful nod nods.

    Grand post nod nods

    1. Always excited to receive a nod from you, my dear! I never scolded a girl because she thought too highly of herself. We get knocked down soon enough all on our own.

  4. Yup, it’s a toe tapper. There must be a middle ground between the girls that are so insecure and those that believe they are better than everyone. My daughter was a beautiful teen and now so is my niece. But there was no convincing either of them. Daughter is now 40, niece,14. Nothing changes. Self esteem is so hard to build. Wish I knew how it was done.

    1. I think in myself it had a lot to do with how my mom felt about herself. She appeared confident, and always the life of the party, but she was so body-conscious, and never happy with herself. I’m pretty sure I learned that part from her. I struggle with that — more than other people — I think.

  5. Sometimes, it takes us half a life time to understand the true meaning of Beauty….now in my fifties, I look for Beauty everywhere. A beautiful young face or body is merely a blip in the field of Beauty!

  6. I rarely listen to modern music these days (maybe, just for sheer lack of time), but I like this one. I like the rhythm and the beat. It reminds me of the exuberant songs from my youth. 🙂

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