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My Week of PTO, Part 1

Monday weather
Monday’s Weather

Monday, Day 1:

I awoke early out of habit.  Every woman knows the vacation doesn’t start until you’re alone in the house.

Bubba:  Maybe I should take the day off.
Me:  No, you have to go to work.
Bubba:  You don’t want me to stay home with you?
Me:  You’ve been home with me all weekend.  You go get ready for work.

I had no idea how much goes on here between the time I leave for work and the time he leaves for work.  There are power drinks, moving of furniture, setting aside of animals . . . and then the workout videos come on.  There is grunting, and panting, and a lot of testosterone build-up.

I spent this time dividing my life into 8 segments on a pad of legal paper:

Physical Health
Mental Health

This gives me guideline for goal setting, something I’m not very good at.  There is one area I have deliberately decided to avoid; career.  I’m on vacation, for crying out loud!  Even though this would be a great time to update my resume and LinkedIn profile, I just don’t feel the need to wreck my whole week by thinking about work for one minute.

With this in mind, I made a list longer than I could accomplish in a month of Sundays, and set out to chip away at it.  My car was in getting some work done ($500 worth), so I began puttering around the house.

Puttering is something I am practicing just in case I retire before I die.  The following items were checked off my list:

  • Fix Bed Caster
  • Make Oat Bran Muffins
  • Move the Fake Plant
  • Make an XBox Profile
  • Steam Clean the Couch
  • Watch the Netflix Movie I’ve had for two months.
  • Tear the Bed Apart and Wash the Bedskirt, Mattress Pad, and Freshen the Pillows
  • 30 Minutes of Yoga

You may or may not be aware that I am working on the transition to some natural cleaning products.  This requires some experimentation.  I have decided that I like vinegar for cleaning the kitchen floor, shining faucets, and possibly as a fabric softener when sprayed on a damp washcloth and thrown in with the load.  However, I have to be extremely careful around Bubba’s things.  He has a twitchy nose.  I was very careful not to use vinegar on any of his things in the laundry.  And yet, this conversation took place at bedtime:

Bubba:  (Sniffing)
Me:  What?  What are you smelling?
Bubba:  (Sniffing the blankets, then the pillows, then the mattress)
Me:  (Defensively)  What?  What is wrong?
Bubba:  (Crawling across bed to sniff me)
Me:  I didn’t wash anything you’re sniffing.  What do you smell?
Bubba:  I smell vinegar.
Me:  OK, I didn’t wash anything you’re sniffing with vinegar.
Bubba:  Ok.  (Sniffing the blankets)
Me:  WHAT?  I don’t smell anything!  Go to sleep!


Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

11 thoughts on “My Week of PTO, Part 1

  1. that’s pretty funny… I have a nose like your Bubba… some days it literally drives me crazy… sounds like a decent first day for your ‘stay-cation’ hope you enjoy the rest of it… 🙂

      1. yes my nose drives everyone crazy… I am learning to just say nothing (but damn its hard!)… some days however just the look on my face says it all… and somehow everyone around me are like “what? I don’t smell anything…” really? nothing? I guess it’s just me and this nose of mine in hyper drive…

  2. That was pretty funny, Bubba is relentless! I love most of my homemade cleaners and the vinegar doesn’t usually linger try putting in some fresh lemon juice that should help cut the scent a little. Clean the windows and maybe he will head out the door to work a little early :), nothing works better than vinegar, water and newspaper.Then you can have some much earned ‘quiet time’.

  3. I use a lot of vinegar for cleaning. But never in the dryer. It does linger and anyone with a sensitive nose will pick it up. Also, a word of caution, It’s quite powerful on floors. Etching grout is one drawback. Found out the hard way. Stipping finish of vinyl floors is another. I always like to be home alone on my days off. What a luxury.

    1. Good to know! I have vinyl flooring in the kitchen. I did dilute it quite a bit. I suppose that will help. Any suggestions are welcomed! This is a new experiment for me. I did find that a small spritz of vinegar on a damp rag in the dryer was not noticeable like pouring it on a rag was! I love the way bleach works in my shower stall, and I hadn’t thought of the harshness on the grout. It does kill my lungs though and I won’t do that again. I think I burned them! I was thinking of trying the oxygenated cleaner to see if I can get the same result and bypass the lung condition!

  4. I love this. Your writing makes me smile. I can totally hear your side of the conversations with Bubba. The cleaning products is a good idea. I think I shall innovate and update by actually starting to clean more often and THEN move my way into the natural way. 😉 Moving the fake plant on the list nearly threw me off of my chair. 🙂

    1. Hey! so nice to see your comments! Cleaning more often? Should I do that first? Naw. And hey Jack . . this is the monster of all fake plants. A disclaimer: This is something Bubba brought with him. The thing needs to have a leaf glued back together too. Maybe next PTO week . . .

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