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Oh no, not a game!

A Game of Tag ~ I’ve Been Tagged, Now I’m Tagging You. (And No Touch Backs … HA!)

IrishKatie snagged me on the back of the neck with a tranquilizer dart before I got a chance to run.  I hate playing these games, but I like reading other people’s answers, so I guess it’s only fair I play along . . .

This is how it works – at least how its been passed down to me:

  1. Post the rules.  (Yes, there’s rules.)
  2. Post a photo of yourself.  (If you’re comfortable.)
  3. Post eleven random facts about you. (Why eleven? . . . hmmmm . . .)
  4. Questions were created for you by the person who tagged you.  Answer the questions.
  5. Tag several other people.
  6. Create eleven new questions for those that you have tagged.
  7. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.

Item #2:  Here’s my picture.

String Bikini (Jassi) Rear

JUST KIDDING!  This is me . .


Item #3Eleven random facts about myself

  • 3.1      I have a strange fascination with Sumac.

  • 3.2       I sometimes order from or just so I can get a package at my door.  I love having packages at my door!
  • 3.3       I change my own oil.
  • 3.4       I sometimes forget what the point of the conversation is . . . when I’m talking to myself.
  • 3.5      I almost never lose anything permanently.
  • 3.6       When I get angry, I like to go to the gym and work on the elliptical machine with head-banging metal music blaring in my ears and my eyes shut.
  • 3.7       I love gadgets, and I’m afraid if I won the lottery I would have all the newest.
  • 3.8       I’m a merciless flirt.
  • 3.9       I am often described as ‘entertaining.’  Never sure how to take that…
  • 3.10     I really hate playing most games.  Volleyball is ok.
  • 3.11     I have an egress window that opens onto my driveway.  So far 2 people have fallen in since I’ve lived here.  But I am told a pickup once had to be towed out after driving into it.

Item #4: Questions I am answering that were posed to me.

  • 4.1    How do you think you and I met?  We met in Blogsville over a steaming cup of coffee, while commenting on one of our mutual Blogfriends.
  • 4.2    How long do you think you will be blogging here?  I will be doing it as long as it continues to be a successful therapy — so hopefully until I die, because it’s hard work finding a new therapy that works.
  • 4.3    Whether you like math or not, what do you think is one cool thing about math?  Formulas.  A + B = C.  I wish that were always true in real life.
  • 4.4    Whether you believe we are alone in the universe or not, does believing what you do comfort you?  To answer that, one must first decide what one believes before one can decide if that is a comfort or not.  I am really undecided, but am comfortable in my indecision.
  • 4.5    What is an embarrassing thing that happened to you since the beginning of 2013?  I bought a fitbit last year (see 3.7).  I have to walk a long way to the bathroom at work, but found I could get in more steps and floors if I use the upstairs one.  I still wanted more steps so while I was unzipping, I was taking a step to the left, and a step to the right like a dance — step-step, step-step.  You guessed it.  I didn’t realize I wasn’t the only one in a stall.  I stayed in there until they left.
  • 4.6    What is something you have done since the beginning of 2013 that you are proud of?  I made an earring rack in my bedroom.
  • 4.7    What did you dream about last night?  I have some really cool dreams, so I wish I could tell you a colorful story, but I don’t remember any from last night.  All I remember is waking up with a stomach ache at one point.
  • 4.8    We’ve all seen the, ‘What 5 people would you want at a dinner party?’ question.  Say you got all 5 there, what would you serve for dinner?  I think it was Julia Childs that said you can’t go wrong with a roast chicken.  Or was that Ann Landers?  Anyway, I’ve always remembered that, so most likely I would roast a chicken or two.
  • 4.9    Can you give the next in the sequence? OTTFFS   No.  Please refer to 3.10 above.  And also please note that, as far as I’m concerned,  brainteasers are games.
  • 4.10    All of you that I have tagged loved to write.  What kind of writing do you like to do?  I like to explore the random thoughts that come to me during my day.  It quiets the voices.
  • 4.11    What makes you happy when you are feeling down?  Sitting in a coffee shop with a hot cup of something and my laptop.  It doesn’t matter if I’m shopping, paying bills, reading or writing . . . just that I am out in public but by myself.

Item #5:  Tag several others. 

Paraphrasing IrishKatie, who hemmed and hawed about who to tag, and in the end said, “Feck it,” like it or not, play along or not, I’m tagging these people.  If I’ve tagged you, it’s because I think you would be hilarious to play tag with.  No pressure.  Even though I hate games.

Item #6:  Create 11 new questions. 

To the people I am tagging, these are the questions you have to answer

  • 6.1    What do your favorite movies make you do — laugh? cry? think?
  • 6.2    What is the worst nickname anybody ever gave you?
  • 6.3    Would you rather build a snowman or a sandcastle?
  • 6.4    What is the best souvenir you ever picked up?
  • 6.5    What do you do with your loose change?
  • 6.6    Why doesn’t adult fiction have illustrations?
  • 6.7    Why do you talk to yourself?
  • 6.8    What did you have for breakfast this morning?
  • 6.9    What is the strangest thing you ever ate?
  • 6.10    Pick up the closest book to you.  What is the name/author of the book and why do you have it?
  • 6.11    What are you putting off?

Item #7:  Let those I have tagged be made aware of it.

And so I shall.

PS:  I found it easiest just to copy and paste IrishKatie’s whole post into mind and then edit all the parts that are supposed to be in my own words.  Did I mention I hate these things? 


Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

18 thoughts on “Oh no, not a game!

  1. I am so jealous of your body to be able to pull off that swimsuit 🙂 I hate things that pose a problem, which means I had to mentally solve your problem all the while hating it. I thought I was the only one who enjoyed getting things delivered to my door. I don’t care if it’s a packaged of soap, it feels nice…like I just received a present. Oh and for changing my oil, I used to until I had to figure out where to safely recycle the oil then I just found someone who told specifically how they recycled theirs and went there. Now I have no car and enjoy not having to worry about it.

    1. A car is such a necessary evil, isn’t it? I am secretly (oops — out of the bag now!) mulling over the prospect of a new used bike this year . . .

      1. I would say a bike is a great investment, new or used. I have so enjoyed my new freedom from my car. I used to be known around town as “oh you must be {son’s name} mom” Now I have gotten out and am meeting so many people that while many still remember my son they know who I am too. Oh and there is definitely something to be said for moving about in a slower manner, all the things you will notice along the way.

      2. I love to bike to work. I live 4 miles from work and I recently learned they will be ripping up the hwy. Imagine my dismay to find out they will be ripping up the bike path at the same time!! I can probably find an alternate route for either mode, but still … And YES! The difference between people trying to cut you off in traffic and people smiling as you ride by them on your bike is remarkable. Much better way to start the day!

      3. The bikes came out in force today. We were expected to have a high of 50-53 degrees today instead the meteorologists were way wrong. We hit a high of 66 and no one could be found indoors. Bikes, strollers, even skateboards were out everywhere.

  2. Nit pic here: In random fact 3.7 you said you like gadgets. In create new question 6.10 You write pick up closest book. I was wondering…if one had a tablet opened to an E-book, say 6 inches closer than a hardback would ….well, I did mention it was nit-pick..

  3. Heh …. sorry about this. I KNOW these takes a while to do….but it was fun finding out about you. And by the way, I love looking at your smiling face cheeks better than the non-you cheeks lol. (I can almost see the ear rings too … I was trying to see if they were on that ear ring holder you made.)

    And …

    That you were dancing in the stalls getting your ‘steps’ in was too funny. Did you ever figure out who was in there with you?

    Answer to OTTFFS sequence question. The answer is another ‘S’ …. for ‘Seven’. The sequence was numbers in written form. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.

    And in a little while I will visit some of your tags…and see who they answered your questions.

    1. Ah Katie . . . don’t look too close for the earrings . . . that was the website I got the idea from. My bedroom is walled in PANELING! While I thought it would be fun to add a picture, it would have been my new most embarrassing moment of 2013!

      I never knew who was in that stall, and I really hope they didn’t know it was me!

      Thanks for the answer. I know games are all in fun, but I am SUCH a sore loser, that I don’t even dare play!

      I am hoping some of them will go on to play TAG. I really chose some fun people, and they might not even know where I came from!

      1. Ahhh, no wonder I could not find the pair of earrings on the rack lol. At first I thought it was a pair on the left…but that day when I was looking closer I saw it was just the angle that gave me that impression….but understands why I did not see them now lol.

  4. Thanks, Jean, for tagging me!

    1. Laugh. I don’t like the ones that make me cry.
    2. Barbeque.
    3. Sandcastle!
    4. Postcards. I love bringing back postcards for myself. They’re so much prettier than any pictures I take
    5. Stuff them in the couch. That way when I need something to be excited about there’s always some change to be found in the couch!
    6. Because adult authors are not as imaginative as kids’ authors? Because it’s part of a giant government conspiracy to make sure we brainwash our kids to think a certain way and let the adults go insane trying to picture what the author means?
    7. Because my dog doesn’t talk back.
    8. Scrambled eggs
    9. French fries and ice cream. It was pretty good.
    10. The Day of the Jackal. I’ve been getting around to finally reading it.
    11. I’m putting off telling you about what I’m putting off 😀

    1. Barbeque. I’m guessing there’s a story behind that one . . .

      French Fries and ice cream? Hhhmmmm… maybe with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

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