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Are You Still Here?

DSCN0902_2_2Are we absolutely sure the apocalypse didn’t come in 2012 and we missed it?  Can we do a head count here?  Knowing what to expect might have helped me know where to look.  Were zombies supposed to inherit the earth, was Jesus showing up for dinner, or was the earth just going to explode?

What I’m saying is, perhaps the apocalypse did happen, and we were looking in the wrong direction.  Is it possible the Hopi fifth world arrived, but it just looks an awful lot like the fourth one?  Was a baby born on the 21st of December in 2012 who will change the course of Global Warming?  Maybe the apocalypse is somewhat of a gradual movement toward a better world more than the total destruction of the one we know.  We won’t really notice it until one day we look back and say, “Hey, didn’t the world used to be a much worse place?”

If you’re looking for doomsday, just check out the morning paper.  It’s here.  People living their days on earth in hell.  Lonely people.  Hungry elderly.  Children with no one to teach them how to find the good in themselves.  Children gunned down in the middle of their play.  People living in fear.  People with no hope.  Not like those days when you wake up and life seems hopeless.  I’m talking about a real total depletion of hope.  No hope of hope.

It’s 2013.  Are you still here?  Don’t dread the apocalypse . . . I say we’re ready for it.  Don’t wait for it to happen, bring it on! Make it happen!  Stop preparing for the worst and start initiating the change.  Be the Shift!

  1. Smile.  You don’t know what someone else is going through today.  Your smile could save a life.
  2. Hold a door.  I don’t care if it’s a big burly guy or a someone with a stroller.  Common courtesy requests you hold the door.
  3. Give blood.  For goodness’ sake get over your fear of needles.  You want to know what fear is?  Cancer.  Liver disease.  Major surgery.  Car accidents.  Premature babies.  Losing your loved one.  Not everyone can give blood, so if you can, why aren’t you?  It’s the ultimate renewable resource!
  4. Treat a child with respect.  Children are people, too.
  5. Hold your horn.  Try to limit your honking to those situations where some idiot really tried to kill you for the sole purpose of getting ahead in traffic.  If he just needs to get over because he didn’t see his exit coming up, for crying out loud, let him over.
  6. Wave.  I treat my suburban neighborhood like a rural country road.  Ever notice how country folks wave at everyone?  We’re all just country folk.  We just live a little closer to our neighbors.
  7. Thank.  Don’t just say thanks.  Say thanks for [fill in the blank].  Thanks for being so prompt!  Thanks for telling me that!  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help you!  Thanks for sending me that bill . . . okay, don’t overdo it.
  8. Share.  Plant a bigger garden than you need.  Donate books to a library.  Give away things you don’t use.  Share your skills.  Share your knowledge.  Hug more.


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ~~Theodore Roosevelt


Can you imagine if you woke up this morning, in 2013, and everyone had a shift of global awareness?  Be the apocalypse.  How will you change the world this year?

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Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

20 thoughts on “Are You Still Here?

  1. Finally a sane way to look at the end of the world predictions. I don’t know why people have become so fascinated with the negative possibilities, even the Mayan descendents believed that 12/21/12 wasn’t going to be the end of the world but a new astrological phase from what I heard.

    On your list, all are great ideas, but the one that always bothered me about society was the one about treating children with respect. I noticed too many people treating and believing their children are their possessions, look at the custody battles, than as small people.

  2. Loved the post. We still have to remind people to be civil and kind. I’m ready for the new world where kindness and curtousy are natural. I figure it’s the end of the world for someone everyday. We never know when our end of the world is going to be, so be nice every day.I’ve tried to give blood. Took two hours and they couldn’t get enough so they had to toss what they had. Got a good rest though. Everything starts with children. I treated them with respect, they will pick out a real nice nursing home for me. Treat them badly, you are on your own. 🙂 I got real lucky with mine. Never talked baby talk and treated them like they had a brain and feelings. How hard can that be? I think it’s time to stop babbling on.You have the views that make life good.

  3. Awesome message, Jean. I think these are all things we should be contributing. I call it human decency.

    Changing the world starts with changing oneself first!

  4. I love that Roosevelt quote. What you are talking about is socially responsible behaviour. The world works so much better when we see ourselves as an integral part of the greater whole, when we realize that what we do, however small it may be, does make a difference. Fabulous post, Jean.

    1. It is also about doing something positive in the midst of the fear and confusion. That sort of thing connects you to other people who are also doing something positive. Which takes away a lot of the fear and doubt and dread.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Great post, Jean. We are all just country folk, and from the same country called earth. Let’s start acting that way. Thank you. Wave and {{{Hugs}}}

  6. Beautiful post, Jean. I heard about another random act of kindness I’ll be trying soon. Pay for the person behind you in the drive through. Don’t check in the rearview mirror to see who they are. Don’t ask what they ordered. Just pay the bill, ask the cashier to tell them to have a nice day and drive away. That will put smiles on a few faces. I know there’ll be one on mine.

  7. its just so much easier not to be offensive to people…….its so much easier to just chill….i mean after all are all our things and ourselves really all that important?……..people take themselves and their silly day to day doings and goings way too seriously……….i do not believe in very much i hear and see in the modern world……….so why get all excited and hung up about it.

  8. What an excellent post! And I love-love-love your 8 amazing tips. And as someone with a fear of needles yet a very needed type O blood, I make myself get over it twice a year. Besides those big chairs are nearly beds and I just think about the cookies I get afterwards 😀 Seriously, thanks for this great reminder about easy steps we all can take towards peace. Cheers, Gina

    1. I’m so glad you stopped by! And love-love-love is more praise than I know what to do with! Lorna Doons! Last time I changed it up and got the Oreos. What a mistake. I can’t wait to go back and get my Diet Coke and Lorna Doons! Thank you for taking time to comment!

  9. Great post. Ok, from this I gather I can now come out of the bunker under my shed? Actually, coming to terms with kindness and selflessness. I also like spelling selflessness as you see. Ok, enough about my selflessness. This is about knowing that you are perfectly capable of lending, providing, and giving yourself to others wether it be in words, assistance, financially or respect. There is nothing more precious than creating opportunities for smiles and positive energies. I am refering to that feel good skip in your step when someone compliments you. Oh, did I say, “Great Post, Jean?”

    1. Oh man, nice start to my day! I see you were also up in the middle of the night. Or maybe just up late . . probably doing some random act of selflessness . . .

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