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In the Midst of Beige

Speaking of color . . . we were, weren’t we?  I am a highly visual person with a brain hard-wired for color association.  I dream in vivid technicolor.  The colors often symbolize feelings.  I once had a very passionate dream about someone I should not be dreaming passionately about.  The walls were a deep cranberry red, the flush of lust.  Outside the window, there was a light illuminating the innocence of pure white snow.  It was a calm, quiet, flurry of snow, but I was content to stay inside.  I woke up just as the kiss touched my lips, my heart pounding against my rib cage!

As a mother of young children, it was not uncommon for me to hear people remark how cute it was that I dressed us all in the same color, something I would never intentionally do!  Clearly, it had been a red day (or blue, or green, etc.) and the clothes I chose for each of us reflected the color that fit my mood.

When I see a color that catches my eye, I will instantly see other items in the room that match it.  I will say, “Ooh!  I like the color of your blouse.”  Then, “Oh look how it matches the straw in your drink and the book on that shelf!”  I notice immediately if two co-workers are wearing the same color.

It should come as no surprise, then, that this is my least favorite time of the year.  The hues drain from the trees and flowers, leaving behind the browns, tans and grays of death.  I’ve noticed my mood spiraling downward, weighted by the bleak of winter.

Walking with the dogs today, I forgot my camera at home, but did have my phone with me.  Setting up a scavenger hunt for myself, I went to work searching for signs of color in the drab landscape.

A fiery twig announced its presence along the trail near the fence.
















Sumac and red berries (nightshade?) light my way along this desolate scene.
Raspberry vines in subtle violet bow to winter’s cold.
The patient pine dons her dress of evergreen, having watched the other girls in their crimson frills and gowns of gold. Finally she is the belle of the ball . . .




Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

18 thoughts on “In the Midst of Beige

  1. As a lover of natural browns, I’m feeling quite content with the scenery lately. (It’s the sunless skies I can’t stand) However, I love the photo idea. So much, I’m stealing it. 🙂 The fiery twig is beautiful.

    1. Thank you! Steal away. Oh those grey skies bring me down, too. We had a pretty sunshine today that was covered by clouds as soon as I came out of the office. I see there is a beautiful full moon tonight, so the skies must be clearing again.

  2. I too look for the color remaining this time of year. I love color everywhere, but use a neutral color on the walls of my home to make them pop and allow just about anything to work that suits my whims. Not sure what it is about red in nature that I like the most this time of year, must be having grown up here with two large maple trees outside our windows.

    1. I love red. I like purple too. And green . . . I like green. Oh! and yellow. What a happy little color . . . and . . . orange and . . .


      1. Red and yellow come in second after blue. I like green, but it doesn’t look right on me to wear it and it’s something I’ve never found a way to work into my home in any big way.

      2. What I like about green is that when I was a little girl, I told my mom that it went with everything. She said that it wasn’t true, and that you wouldn’t wear something like purple with green. And I told her why do the purple flowers look so good with the green leaves than? And she had to admit I had something there. I think she knew then that I had a special relationship with color.

        I thought I painted my walls tan, but it was green. I don’t usually make big color mistakes like that. I went with it though, added a sage wall, some cranberry accents, and it’s really pretty. I’m like you, though. There isn’t a real theme.

        I wear a lot of blue, especially jeans, and it looks good on me, but I really don’t like it in my house. The couch I’m sitting on is blue and cream. I’m kind of waiting for it to break down!

    1. Really?? I am so touched by that . . . I will devote some time on Saturday to catching up on a couple awards. Thank you so much for that!

  3. Red is my favorite color. I am not a big fan of the cooler colors. Gorgeous photos you have there. And how surprising to see that in other parts of the world people have sumac! I eat that stuff on my labneh everyday! Oh and sprinkled over some roasted mushrooms.

    1. How timely. They are painting over the lovely harvest yellow at work with a color called “macadamia nut” AKA beige except for one wall which is “night tide” AKA bright teal.

      My office is commercial plastic ecru AKA light beige except for the floors which are commercial rubber-stuff slate AKA gray. I could decorate, but I never want to confuse the place with home. I have a plant.

      Enough of work . . . do you surround yourself with color when you are not painting? What is your favorite?

      1. I love how the office settings are always neutral-tone. I’m being facetious. I remember taking a course in college that explained how colors affect consumer behavior, and also employee behavior. Supposedly, neutrals/grey tones keep the mind from “wandering”. They’ve got your best interest in mind Jean…

        I don’t really have favorites, but using color makes for better before/after photos on our site. Who wants to scroll through hundreds of photos of Beige rooms? Not I.

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