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Define Normal Please

We all have challenges. Call it our cross to bear, affliction, hardship, or woe, but we all have them.  Some have more than others.  Some don’t think they have any at all, and that somehow gives them a license to go around tormenting the rest of us.  Since the majority of us admit to not being perfect, aren’t these thugs actually the ones with the problem? Why don’t we have drugs for that?

Let’s say some dude has a problem over people with learning disabilities.  Hey!  We have a cure for that.  He takes the Rx, and for the next month, he spends every waking minute with a learning disability.  Some people are going to need a refill, but I think most ought to only need round one.

Racist?  This pill might change your appearance a little.  One possible side effect is a tendency to talk with an accent, but is most common in those with an additional aversion to immigrants.

Do you hate people who have less money than you?  Dress differently?  Believe differently?  Vote differently?  Are too pretty?  Not pretty enough?  Hey, whatever your problem, we can fix that with a pill.

Some people will be requiring a cocktail.  They have it out for people who talk with lisps as well as gays and lesbians, but also make fun of elderly people.  Wow.  Well, take 2 of these each day with a meal, this one before you go to bed, and this one you’re going need 3 times a day but don’t mix it with the one you take at bedtime.  It’s going to be a rough month.  Hang in there.

I thought about a vaccine to avoid the idiocy in the first place, but there are just too many strains of ignorance.

Personally, I think people with no sense of humor need to see a doctor.  They don’t need to agree with what I find comical, but lighten up.  At least find it funny that I find something serious funny.  Like bullies.  They are not silly, but I find the thought of giving them a pill for it slightly amusing.

Who do you think needs a prescription?



Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

5 thoughts on “Define Normal Please

  1. OMG…this was a seriously great post!

    Whimsy mixed in with revenge … nice.

    Ok …what oh what should get a pill? Ahh … one I really wouldn’t wish on someone….but since this if make believe (it had better be…omg…are you a sorceress????) … uhm… a pill for people who say to just snap out of it (depression).

    What about a gel cap for those who think they are god’s gift to women…and yes…they’d need gel caps because i am sure it would bit hard to go down.

    And (oh no …on a roll lol) … what about an injection for those who abuse dogs and other animals. Of course I’d also want to make them wear the cone of shame …

    And ….(ok, I had better stop now!) lol.

    1. Oh yes. I had forgotten about those “snap out of it” people. They need a pill.

      Gel caps… OMG too funny! I was thinking about a pill for a guy who asks if it is that time of the month. They need a pill. Let’s face it, every day is that time of the month in one way or another.

      Oooh. Animal abusers. Cone of shame! And how about a nice shock collar?

      I like your thinkin’!

      1. I am soooo with you with the addition of the shock collar lol. OMG you are evil! haha.

        As for the “that time of the month” talkers … not a pill. We’ll just place about 30 patches on them!!!! HA! lol…see, I can be evil too *grins*

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